Monday, August 12, 2013


Today I was the wicked stepmother and my boys were Cinderella. In boy form. Oh yes, I made my miniature slaves work their tails off this morning! Muhahahaha! Oh, sorry.

My boys suffer from the usual "messy kid" syndrome. It comes in different forms for each of them though. Zakkai just doesn't clean up after he gets toys out and it snowballs into a huge, gigantic, overwhelming crush of legos, books, papers, crayons, puzzle pieces, you name it! Very overwhelming. Especially to a little boy who has ADD tendencies!

Samuel's form is more along the lines of "pack rat." I may or may not have possibly been one in my former life. Maybe. Although his is extreme. I am talking not only the usual little boy treasures of rocks and special cards but trash. TRASH. Milk carton rings. Wadded up napkins. Ripped open envelopes from mail. Mulch pieces. Dead leaves. Plus rocks, cards, special notes, special teeny tiny toys that are never played with, socks with holes in them, papers with random drawings or scribbles on them. It drives me crazy! And it has gotten worse lately. No idea why he is doing this but we are trying to distinguish with him the difference between Trash and Treasure. Trash=bad. Treasure=good.

So you can imagine what their room often looks like! I worked my wicked motherly ways and we spent a good two hours in there cleaning! I even finished up with vacuuming to pick up those bits of toilet paper, dust bunnies and scraps of paper that were everywhere! Let's see how long it stays this way....I should take a picture for proof that it was clean once!

We went to the park before dinner last night. Here is Mr Z, fresh off his bike:)

And showing off his reading skills! He has really improved over the summer and I can't wait to see how he takes off with reading this year!

Ben and Samuel spent the whole time throwing the baseball in the field and Eliana did a little swinging. "Cheese!"

She's a keeper! She looks so big these days. Sniff.

Here's her funny "cheese" face:) She knows she's being cute when she does this one! Yesterday she started to have an accident in her panties. After we got everything finished and cleaned up, she was running around half naked. She said, "I don't have no panties!" When she said it a second time, I said, "You don't have any panties." She insisted, "I don't have NO panties on!" I repeated my correction, to which she replied,

"I don't have no ANY panties!" Gotta love this kiddo!


Aunt T said...

😀Boys are unique, one of my boys put his boogers on his wallpaper---a collection! I didn't noticed them because of the colorful border!
And the other one (went to the bathroom over the balcony) I guess that seemed interesting to him!

muggalove said...

Haha! Even though I didn't have boys, I seem to remember some horrible messy rooms when you were young!