Monday, August 5, 2013

Catching up with the Thomas'...

 We have some catching up to do! We haven't been doing too much; just hanging around. On Saturday we needed to get out of the house so I took the kiddos to a nearby Farmer's Market (we do love our summer produce!) and then to a park in Brookfield; the one I posted pictures of earlier this summer. It was a beautiful day!

Here is Zakkai in "time-out." Right. Eliana has a history of breaking into time-outs and making them a party!

One of E's new favorite pastimes is climbing on the back of Samuel's skateboard and taking a slow ride with him (while sitting!). She is just crazy about this and has a total fit if he wants to be done and do some solo "real" riding. Of course, she has fits over just about anything these days! The two-year old-ness has definitely set in!

Would you believe that the trees are starting to turn color already??!! Kind of freaked us out when we spotted this tree this weekend. And it wasn't the only one either! The beginning of August and we're experiencing fall weather (which you definitely won't hear me complain about!!) and tree changes? It's a little unsettling. However, we are saving tons on air-conditioning bills so woo-hoo!

Here is poor Samuel's cheek. The bruising gets a little worse everyday but it isn't bothering him too much now so that is good.

Such a handsome boy! He is such a good big brother to Eliana. Not always so kind to Zakkai, which we are working on, but always protective and careful with Eliana. Even when he is mad at her for breaking his legos apart or something, he is still careful with her.

I just caught the two of them reading a book together:)

Yesterday morning the kiddos were playing in the boys' room and B and I were dozing off and being lazy. I heard Eliana stomp into the room and she marched up to my side of the bed and said in a loud whisper, "Mommy, I have something to tell you!" I pried open an eye and leaned down and she whispered in my ear, "I love you so much!" :)

Zakkai is very excited because I promised them a slumber party before school starts in a couple of weeks. We were supposed to do an end of the year party like last year but we got pretty hectic and I didn't plan well. Mr Z will not let me forget this time!! Every night he wants to talk about his ideas for what we can do or make for treats. One night I told him that we should get out a piece of paper and a pencil and in the morning, we would write down our ideas while we ate breakfast. The next morning, I came down and found no fewer than 50 pieces of paper on the table and 3 pencils, ready to go!

Samuel is our question asker and we KNOW who he gets that from!! He asks really hard questions, too. The other day, we were walking to the store and he said, "Mommy? What is a soul?" Whoa. That is not exactly an easy question to answer, especially in terms that a child can understand! I did my best and he seemed satisfied. For now anyways:)

It's hard to believe that our summer is drawing to a close. We headed to the school this afternoon to drop off school forms for registration. It felt weird to go into the building! Summer went way too fast:)  I am not ashamed to admit that I also turned in a form to ask for assistance with paying school fees! Between both boys with school and lunch supervision fees (you are required to pay a fee if your child stays at school for lunch), we owe the schools over $750. Isn't that crazy? It's tough enough to just make ends meet, let alone pay extra chunks like that. And that isn't counting the small fees for calculators, recorders (Samuel will be playing one this year), school spirit shirts and PTO fees. Oh, and school supplies! We haven't even gone there yet. Kids are expensive!

Dinner and crazy children are calling. Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Look at those long legs that Zakkai has, I think he is going to be tall!
That's weird a tree changing to all orange in August! Have you every seen that?
Texas just went into the 100's last week, so I think we will have a warm Fall. I love the heat and the summertime!

Grandma W said...

I noticed Z's long legs, too. The pics of all three are so cute (except S's bruised cheek - makes me sad.)
That is unbelievable about the school fees I can't imagine having to pay that much plus all the additional expenses. I don't blame you one bit for applying for the assistance. Smart move. Love to all.

Emily and Frank said...

$750?? That's crazy!! Are they building a space shuttle at school this year?! Yowsers.