Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Three's Company

 After a foggy, not-fun few weeks of not feeling the best, I can finally say that I've turned a corner! My antibiotic left me feeling nauseous all day but that mostly lifted this afternoon, along with some more of the pressure in my head and I think I'm going to make it now:)

After homework was done, I let the kiddos watch a cartoon. The boys were so sweet and said, "We can watch Dora so Missy can watch, too." What good brothers!

She loves to do whatever they do so it's adorable to see her settle herself right in between them or plop herself on her tummy like them. I love this picture!

Eliana played a silly pillow game with Daddy tonight. She is such a confident little thing! And bossy, too! Right in the middle of dinner she pointed to the stairs and commanded, "Mama! Go sweep, Mama!" (Go to sleep!)

Here is her post-dinner face. Obviously, I did not wipe her mouth off, knowing it was almost bathtime:) I made this cute little shirt for her for Thanksgiving. She says it's a "pretty shirt."

Off to get my rest before it all starts over again.....


Emily and Frank said...

That shirt you made is cute!
Glad to hear you all are feeling better!!

muggalove said...

They are sooo cute!