Sunday, December 2, 2012

Park Play

 Thankfully, we are continuing to improve over here. I think it's going to take me awhile to get all my energy back and feel like my old self but at least I'm on my way! I admit to feeling as depleted in the patience department as much as the energy department.

I can't believe how warm it is for December. Perfect for walks and playing outside or at the park! Samuel prayed for snow tonight:)

Zakkai seems to be mostly recovered today, with minor complaints!

Eliana and I took a walk this afternoon while Ben took the boys to swimming lessons. She was so cute, just pointing out all the little things she saw along the way. We had a close encounter with a very curious squirrel, which delighted her to no end:)

Playgrounds are even for Daddies, too, apparently:)

Samuel is apparently too cool for pictures these days. Oh, he exasperates me!!! He climbed into the swing next to Eliana and got stuck. He was not happy with me for taking his picture!

I teased him the rest of the time taking pictures with the camera or pretending with my hand, just to drive him nuts. Little stinker!

He thinks he's pretty sly:)

Z can get almost halfway across the monkey bars now before he falls off!

Time to go back home! Eliana and Z got to ride in the wagon, since we have been making him take it easy on his leg this weekend.

And that made Samuel do a little 7 year old-going-on-14 year old pouting. Ai, the 'tude of this kid this weekend!

It's funny, Samuel and I tend to butt heads a little more because we are very much alike and Ben and Zakkai butt heads more often, both being very similar in their stubborn natures! I SO do not look forward to the teenage years. I hope God gives us a lot of grace!!

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