Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My sewing machine and I have been buddies lately:) Each of our kiddos is getting a new pair of pajama pants, a book and a toy for Christmas from us. Keeps it simple and not too expensive!

I also sewed a pretty Christmas jumper for E this weekend, which she was happy to try on immediately, along with her 2 new bows:)

All ready! She randomly says, "Chistmas" several times a day and seems very excited for presents:) Ever since her birthday, when she sees that a package or box comes in the mail, she quickly exclaims, "Present!!" It will be fun to have her taking part in festivities this year.

It's coming so fast and I feel like I have so many things to do to get ready to travel. It would help if I felt better. But our family likes to share everything, including germs. This past weekend 4/5 of us were snotty, miserable messes. Samuel is the only one that seems to escape with minor cold symptoms for a couple of days and then seems fine. Lucky kid! I'm really hoping we'll get healthy for Christmas and can enjoy time with our family.

In the mean time, I am procrastinating doing anything useful. My sewing machine is calling.....:)

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