Friday, December 14, 2012

This Day.

I don't know about you but I am so completely heartbroken over the tragedy of today's shootings in Connecticut. My sister texted me around lunchtime, asking if I'd heard about it. I hadn't so as soon as I got Eliana down for a nap, I sat down at the computer to look up the story.

And immediately when I saw a picture of little children running out with a look of terror on their faces, I started crying. I can barely even let my mind fathom what it would be like to send your innocent baby to school and not be able to take them home again. Or to have a child in the school and be so thankful that your child survived and feeling guilty that other's didn't....

I had to fight a very strong urge to run over to my boys' school and pick them up early or at least make sure they were okay. I got texts from both Grandmas, asking me to hug my kiddos a little tighter today for them.

As soon as I came around the corner and saw Zakkai waiting for me with his happy face, a big lump filled my throat and I had to fight back tears. Knowing that my sons came home safely today. But somewhere out there, in a state far away, there are so many devestated, heartbroken families who have to figure out how to go on. How to even take one more step.

Why? Why is there so much evil in this world? So much heartbreak? All my heart can say is, "God, WHY?" and "Please come back soon!"

I will be joining thousands across this country in praying for the comfort only God can offer in a time like this. For Him to carry those going through such a dark time. And for Him to be holding tight to all those little children who were welcomed into Heaven this day.

And I'll be hugging my little ones a little closer and a little tighter, thankful for each precious day with them. Because life is precious.

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grandma said...

Dear Heidi, I have been having you on my heart ever since I heard about the shooting. I can't imagine how hard it is to send your children off to school with all the evil around us. Thank you Lord that we can come to you and trust you. Chantelle put a interesting artical on face book. About a mother who is living with a troubled youth and doesn't know what to do..We are thinking we need to find some whey to help those who are mentally ill. Lord give us answers. Remember we are praying for our dear greats and all the children. Maybe this is the way to get us to pray more. Interesting that they won't allow prayer in schools but when trouble came those teachers where praying. Love you All.