Thursday, January 2, 2014


Our trip home has been delayed due to "Hercules." Isn't that the silliest name for a little snow storm? We thought we may be able to brave the weather and drive home, not really believing the hype would be all it cracked up to be. But we woke up to sideways blowing snow and non-plowed country roads!

It's a good thing we are hanging around another day or two anyways, as my grandparents can really use the extra help! My grandpa came home from the rehab hospital yesterday, which was so good considering the weather today (his original release date!) We are busy cooking, cleaning, shoveling and trying really, really hard to avoid the nasty horrible stomach flu that is circulating violently through my family. My mom went down tonight, unfortunately:(

On Saturday night, we went to Ben's family Christmas where we had our 2nd annual gingerbread decorating contest. We tied for 3rd place with our creation:) Some of the pieces were broken so we had to make do! That's Eliana's little creation in the front.

And a "T" on top for Thomas!

The runner-up was Ben's cousin Carrie's Westie Carousel. Soooo cute! There were a couple Westie puppies running around and we all fell in love with them. Even Samuel, who is NOT a dog lover, said at least 3 times how much he loved the dogs and he wished we could have one!

This was the winning gingerbread! Ben's cousin Jeff turned the carousel into a tractor, driven by a reindeer! It was so cool!

Three days ago, Zakkai woke up and told me his tooth was really loose. It sure was and that night (Mon night), he lost his very first tooth!!! He is awfully proud:) My mom asked him if the tooth fairy was going to come and he said, "There is no tooth fairy! It's my mommy!"

Monday afternoon, we went to visit one of my friends and check out her brand-new house (which was amazing!!). Eliana found some fun toys to play with like this guitar:)

Here are a few older pictures. This was Eliana happier with her new moby wrap on before we left for Ohio. She LOVES her baby and anything to do with her!

Here was Ben the day we got to Ohio. Haha! Driving tires him out:) (and I drove half of the time!!)

Eliana and Evy taking pictures with their new cameras on Christmas morning.

We are beginning to pack up all of our gear (and boy, have we accumulated a lot!!) and will stay to watch the Buckeye game with family tomorrow and head home to snowy Chicago on Saturday morning!

The boys can't wait to see how much snow we have!


grandma said...

Oh Heidi, How fun to see all the pictures..Thank you for getting me back on..Now I can see all your goings on..Thank you again and again for all your help and being with me..I was so lonely with out Grandpa..You made the time dearable..Love you All

Aunt t said...

You had a such busy time with great memories for your little children. They look so happy! I'm so happy you stayed to help Grandma and Grandpa but sad the flu got some of you. We have had weird weather in a Texas, we were 71 today and tomorrow it's going to be 37 degrees. But I'll take the warm days mixed with a few cold days. Praying about Ben and his interviews.