Saturday, January 18, 2014


Ah! It's Scotland time! We are leaving for the airport in the next 10-15 minutes and I admit that I am a wee bit nervous! It has been very busy the past 2 days getting things ready for Ben to leave. We were able to pack his stuff in the smallest bag we could for him to carry-on. We read that it might be a good idea not to check baggage in case it gets lost!

Imagine going all the way across the ocean for an interview and having all your baggage lost and no interview outfit or anything! Ben is getting nervous and I can tell the boys are, too, because they are going crazy bugging and wrestling. It makes the next 3-4 days seem a little overwhelming!

Please pray for Ben. Specifically, for a safe flight. His plane leaves at 7:15pm tonight and he arrives in Edinburgh after a short stop in Dublin, Ireland at 11:25 tomorrow morning. Which would be 6:25am our time! Talk about a long night!

Also, pray for him to make it safely from the airport to St Andrews. His presentation is Monday morning at 11:15am (Scotland is 5 hours ahead of Chicago, 6 ahead of OH) and lasts 30 min. Please pray for it to go smoothly (no computer/adaptor problems!!) and for him to have PEACE!! His interview is in the afternoon at 3:40pm (Scottish time). Please pray for the wisdom to answer all the questions right and mostly for him to be confident and peaceful!

Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers!! We just want to trust God no matter what happens!

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