Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lighten up!

 Since I haven't posted pictures recently and my posts have been heavy and sorrowful, I just wanted to add a few pictures to lighten things up. I hope and pray my writing isn't coming across as complaining or thankless, as the encouragement of family and friends is more than welcome during these days. Faith and walking through life is really tough sometimes and it isn't often openly talked about, as if it's a sin to struggle. Unfortunately, I am struggling right now; we both are.

Just wanted to make it clear that I am thankful for my community and am also thankful for this outlet to work through my emotions!

Samuel has lately gotten into fixing his hair and spending long periods of time in the bathroom, wetting the comb and fixing his hair into a small mohawk. He begged me to buy him hairgel and thoroughly enjoyed gel-ing his hair today:) Um, I thought I had a few more years before the teens hit?/

We forged a path to the library this afternoon, after a very full morning of cleaning. The fresh air and exercise was good for us!

Distraction is really good at this point. I did most of the pulling to the library and they begged to pull and push home, with our wagon full of Sister and books. Fine with me!

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grandma said...

Loved S I remember my kids doing fun things with there hair..It always happened on picture day..The pictures would come home and I would be so surprised how they looked..Not the way they left from home.