Sunday, December 29, 2013

Busy Ohio times!

It has been such a busy time here in Ohio, as it usually is when we travel. It feels like we go non-stop until we crash at nighttime. Today I even had to sneak in a small nap for a little while because I was so exhausted! The kiddos are having so much fun playing with new toys like Barbie, Legos, Magic kits, binoculars and more.

We have had 4 family Christmas get togethers between both of our families (2 for each), visited my Grandpa in the rehab center, had dinner with a good friend, gone shopping and more! We moved over to staying with my Grandma the day after Christmas so that we could help her while she's alone and so we could have more space. Their basement is like living in the lap of luxery compared to our house!

We cannot believe how warm we are here in this well-insulated home with plush carpet and a fireplace:) It is seriously about 20 degrees warmer in here than at home. We may not want to go back....;)

We have a long list of things to do to help get ready for my Grandpa's homecoming this week and some more family get togethers before we head home in a couple of days in the New Year.

I think it will be a special New Years for us this year, as we reflect on all of the growth and changes we have gone through this year and as we look forward to new things in this coming year!

The first big thing in the new year will be Ben's trip to...Scotland!! Yea if you guessed it right! Ben is being flown to Scotland in a few weeks for a big interview and we are nervously and excitedly anticipating the trip and outcome! If it works out, there will be big changes for our family as we would move across the ocean for 3 years. Talk about the adventure of a lifetime!

If not, then we need to continue doing some serious praying, as we have no idea what the next steps will be to take. Please keep up in your prayers, for the interview and for our next season of life!

Happy New Year from Ohio!

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Charity said...

Happy New Years! Wish we were in Ohio with you. What fun we would have. Give Grandpa and Grandma a big hug from us.