Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fresh Air and Waffle Treats!

Today we finally got to break free from our house-prison and get some fresh air again! Eliana and I ran some errands this morning and it was really nice to be out and about, even if she was having a bit of an emotional morning. I'm guessing her out-of-normal characteristic behavior at the store was partially due to the fact that her daddy was at home and she wanted to be with him! She started crying as soon as we were about to drive away saying, "My daddy will be sad wifout us!"

Little Miss was all smiles again as soon as she got back home and into Daddy's arms. Not that she would let him know it, of course! She plays hard to get with her Daddy and is very coy. No one is fooled though because she knows that she's had him wrapped around her itty bitty fingers since day 1!

I mentioned the other day that I had a great waffle recipe to share and I do! A few years ago, my dear friend (do 30-somethings say 'dear'??) sent me a recipe for a Coconut Lime Cake which is just SO good and a flavor combination I had never tried before. I was bored the other day, after a couple days of being house-bound and started browsing pinterest. I like pinterest but pretty much only look on it when I am suffering from total boredom!

Anyways, I couldn't even think of anything to browse and suddenly remembered I had a bag of limes in the refrigerator. Total impulse buy. I started searching recipes using limes and came across this recipe for Coconut Lime Waffles. Not only did the picture make them look drool-worthy but it was that same amazing combination from the cake!

I had just enough limes and shredded coconut left to make these on Sunday night for our usual breakfast for dinner. They were SO good! Very different from the usual same-old same-old waffle. The lime flavor is light and refreshing and the toasted coconut on top just put it over the top!

I would highly recommend you try it for a delicious treat!

Happy Wednesday.

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