Monday, January 27, 2014

Stuck At Home!

The kiddos and I have spent a LOT of time together at home over the past few days! Ben had to work over the weekend to catch up on hours lost at work from our trip to OH and his trip to Scotland last week. Then school was called off today (and tomorrow) because of the severe cold and Ben took the car to work so we were sequestered at home again!

We pretty much had a pajama day all day today! Why get dressed when we aren't going to see anybody or go anywhere?? The boys helped Eliana put together a nice birthday party for Baby Anna this morning:)

They set up her tea set with birthday cake and tea and fought over all the details because a certain three year old is very particular!

Zakkai had the craziest hair today. Last night when I got him up to use the bathroom, I thought his hair smelled extra good and he had quite the bedhead. I realized when I was standing behind him that he forgot to wash the soap out of his hair after his bath! He had some great hair today:)

Samuel ran away when he saw me sneak up with the camera but I caught him once:)

Eliana making Baby Anna turn the pages of her "birthday present." Baby Anna gets the royal treatment, I tell you!

We also had waffles for breakfast (I will absolutely post the recipe because they were very good!), played Legos together, watched "Peter Pan" read books and more. I really need to come up with something fun for our day tomorrow....Any ideas?

I finally pulled out the old quilt last night and started working on it again while we were watching a movie. I do hope to finish it someday!

It may filled with imperfections but I do think it's pretty!


Grandma W said...

The pics of the kids are so cute. The story about Z's hair is so him.
As I was looking at your quilt piece and pattern and read your very last sentence on this blog, I could not help but think how God feels the same way about us. We are imperfect, but he cherishes and loves us just the same. Good lesson to remember. I love you. Praying.

grandma said...

Loved watching the kiddos playing together and baby Anna getting a tea party..How cute are those darling kiddos..Also Heidi your quilt is so beautiful..That's something I always felt was important when your bored or (sad) find something to do with your hands..knitting, quilting, making a apple pie etc. It makes for happiness..

Aunt t said...

I really like the colors you chose for the quilt you are making. Many years ago, I started making a quilt but I didn't finish it because I had chosen dark red and blue fabric, so by the time I looked at my unfinished quilt packed away in a box, it was too ugly to finish it! I gave it to a thrift shop... Hopefully, someone like it and finished it for me..