Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Black Plague

Well, haven't we had a time of it the past couple of days! I spent Friday running around washing laundry and packing everything up for our early morning departure for snowy Chicago, only to have our plans sadly waylaid.

At 1:45 Saturday morning, I was woken up by the simulatenous noise of the basement bathroom door shutting and Grandpa clomping around in his walker upstairs. I immediately felt that something wasn't right and went in the downstairs bathroom to find Samuel hanging over the toilet, as pale as a ghost. I went upstairs to use the bathroom, only to have all hell break loose a moment later with my poor Grandma in the same state as Samuel. My Grandpa and I were both saying, "Oh no, oh no!" because we knew, from other family member's experiences this week, that this stomach flu is like no other and sends just about everyone to the ER with dehydration.

I spent the next 2 1/2 hours half-dozing on the couch in the basement, waiting for the next stirrings or calling of my name from Samuel or my Grandma. I couldn't reach my mom, stepdad or aunt on the phone to help but finally I got worried enough around 4:15am that I found the phone number of my step uncle and roused them from a sleep with a "Mayday" call for help! My aunt, thankfully a nurse, drove over to check on Gma and found her so weak and sick.

To make matters worse, I had not been feeling right in my stomach for a couple of days and felt worse and worse but succumbed myself to the stomach flu within an hour or two of my aunt's arrival. My mom woke up around 8:30am and saw the messages and realized we were like a sinking ship, going down one by one over here and raced over to help and she was only 24 hours out of the hospital herself!!

Needless to say it was bedlam over here. While I was in the throes of misery, my poor grandma had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital, which left everyone in tears! My aunt went with her to the hospital and Ben and my mom held down the fort here with nausea meds, laundry, sprite and gatorade and updates on my grandma. Samuel started perking up about the time I was the sickest and around dinnertime, I was able to drag myself out of the bedroom to lay on the couch with him. Boy, were we a pair! We ate a little broth and watched a cartoon together but it was early bedtime for us!

My mom stayed over part of the night to make sure my grandma didn't need some help as she was incredibly weak and then my aunt came and spent the rest of the night and early morning.

Today, the three of us have been as weak as can be, pale and have little appetite but we are alive and there are no new cases, thank the Lord! We have all been so worried about my Grandpa getting it, as he is freshly home from the hospital after a rough month of recovery after surgery. Please pray he does not get it and also for Ben and Z and E!

The best laid plans can go awry they say! We went from planning on going home Thursday to being delayed because of snow, all packed up to leave Saturday morning only to be bombarded with the Black Plague and we are hemming and hawing about tomorrow, as the weather was SO bad on our travel route today and the temps will only be about -11 to -15 through Indiana and our home tomorrow. Yikes!

Guess we'll find out in the morning if we will ever make it back to Chicago....

Signing off from germy Ohio.....


Emily and Frank said...

So sorry to about all the illness! What a way to end your trip home!! Praying for good health for you all!

grandma said...

That was some time we had with the bug..not exactally what we planed right but regardless we enjoyed you all..We had such a lovely Christmas..So fun to be with our big family..Im trying to erace this past weekend and think on the lovely Christmas..