Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick Or Treat!

 Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays. I think it's fun to see the kids in the cute costumes and it is fun to let our kids get a little candy (a rare treat!) but I really really loathe the bloody, gory, sinister Halloween stuff. It seems to be a big thing in our neighborhood to decorate houses and lawns with dead people, bloody hands sticking out of the lawn, and pretty much anything evil or scary that you can think of! Not a fan.

However, even though it isn't my favorite, I really love making my kiddos happy so once again I pricked my fingers raw and had hand cramps today after staying up waaaaay too late to finish the costumes last night! All in all, I'd say about $20 on materials for costumes for 3 kids isn't bad!

The boys had their Halloween parade at school today. It was raining all day so it was inside and all the parents lined the gym and the kids marched around. Very cute! All the teachers/staff were dressed as Despicable Me's:)

The trees in our neighborhood are just gorgeous right now! Full trees of vibrant reds, oranges and yellows!

Presenting Samuel the Magician!! He originally wanted to be a skateboarding Angry Bird (hmm) but after getting a magic card trick set this weekend, he quickly changed to a magician. His hat is made of felt and cardboard~not bad! I think his costume is my favorite of all three:)

Zakkai originally wanted to be a Ninja...until he realized he'd have to wear a mask. So he settled on the idea of a football player. He wanted to borrow football gear from our neighbor but he is about 3 times bigger than Z. So last night, from about 11:30-1am, I made him an Ohio State "jersey" from one of Ben's old t-shirts. It says "Ohio State" on the front and has the "O" ...

And I sewed a "Z" and a "06" on the back (for 6 years old). He was pretty happy!


And a little Piggy! We were on our way to JoAnn's for supplies and E decided she wanted to be a pig and didn't look back! I threw together her costume this morning. She thought it was pretty fun!

Samuel loves his sister! (and vice versa!)

Trick or Treat!

Serious Piggy!

With a curly tail!

Thankfully, there was a brief break in the rain around 5pm so we headed out to do a little trick or treating. This was Eliana's first time participating and she LOVED it! She got a lot of compliments, which we didn't mind hearing at all:)


Emily and Frank said...

Their costumes turned out super cute- very impressed!

Aunt t said...

Wow you did great with their costumes. I love the little piggy she looks so adorable!
Thanks for showing me a picture of a that beautiful fall tree!
And I think Zakkai looks like you Heidi. There is a look like you in him but in a boyish kind of way!