Sunday, October 20, 2013

Birthday Girl!

 I have SO many pictures from the last couple of days of celebrating but I only have time to share a "few" from today:)

My mom made Eliana the most precious dress for her birthday! I took her outside after lunch for a little photoshoot:) Here she is "reading" her birthday card from Grandma:)

Such a beautiful girl!

Love her pretty hair!

Ben and I got her a little doll set for her birthday with a carseat, a pack n' play, a clip on highchair, a bouncy seat and a diaper bag. She is crazy about it and had a chance to test out her new carseat this afternoon when she went to the store with me:)

She had me strap her in just like I strap Baby C in! I wish you could've seen her at the store with her baby in the carseat tucked next to her, riding in the cart. She got a lot of smiles!!

For her "pink dinner" tonight, we had strawberry smoothies, pink (ish) eggs (so weird, I would never do that again!), ham and toast with strawberry jelly:) She was happy!

When we got back from the real store, E hopped in her car and took baby Anna to the "store." You can see her new purse from Grandma tucked next to her and Baby Anna stashed in the back! She is such a cutie.

Dear Eliana,

Happy 3rd birthday! From the moment you were born, we were determined to enjoy every moment of your life, knowing how quickly the years pass. We really feel that we have done just that. You have been such a gift; such a source of joy and laughter.

You melt your daddy's heart with a quick bat of your baby blues and a swish of your soft, blond hair! You made my heart smile when you throw your arms around me and give me big hugs and I hear your little voice say, "I love you, my Mama!" You make your brothers feel special when you call out their names excitedly at school after not having seen them all day. You make them laugh when you climb on their backs and try to "wrestle."

You captured the heart of the neighborhood children, who love to wave at you and tell, "Hi, Missy!" You earn many smiles and compliments when we go out in public because of your pink glasses and dimpled smiles.

You are adorable on the outside but sweet and girly on the inside. We always tell you that we want you to be kind and loving because that is more important than how you look!

You are sassy, confident, funny, sweet and oh, so loving! You don't want to sleep very much because you love life so much and just love being with us all the time. Probably because you get so much attention!

We pray you will grow up to be a young lady who loves Jesus and knows that what is inside her heart is so much more important than her outward beauty. We want you to be kind, loving, compassionate, strong, courageous, and selfless.

Always know how very much we love you and that we treasure you, our little gift!


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