Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cheesy Grins and Pumpkins!

I am so far behind on pictures and stories due to my blog neglect. I will try to catch up!

Before E's birthday, I did a quick little project and made her an apron from tea towels I bought at Ikea!

I really thought she would choose the pink ones but at the last minute, she went for blue:) It's a cute little apron with a pocket ready for treasures! She was very busy talking on her calculator phone when I was snapping pics:) Which probably was a good thing, considering every picture of her now contains a cheesy grimace that she considers a helpful smile....sigh.

And what is a post without a picture of Baby Anna! Since it has gotten so cold outside in the mornings, Baby C now wears shoes and Eliana pilfers them in the day for her own baby:) Such a funny girl!

Here are the pumpkins we carved last weekend with my mom and stepdad!

Here's Mugga's charming pumpkin. He actually looked scarier not lit up!

Guess who's?! Samuel and Daddy carved this masterpiece!

This was Papa's pumpkin, which we voted the creepiest!

And Zakkai's pumpkin, which since the picture has lost some teeth due to squirrel stealing! Apparently, squirrels like pumpkins! (which makes the boys so mad!)

For her birthday, Eliana got some cute Dora wall decal stickers! We headed upstairs immediately so she could stick them on and boy, did she have fun!!

The first couple of days I had to stop her from ripping them off and crumpling them up and rearranging them. I think she's settled down a bit and just loves to look at them!

And here is Eliana's very first self-portrait!! In the middle of this week, she just started drawing people out of nowhere! We didn't even know she could! First she told me she could only draw boys and didn't know how to draw girls. Ha! I thought Daddy would get a kick out of that;)

But then yesterday, she sat down at the table and drew herself! She says she doesn't know how to draw legs but even legless, we thought this was adorable!! Definitely a keeper.

So there's Eliana overload:) Stay tuned tomorrow for something fun the boys got to make tonight!!

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Grandma W said...

E's self portrait is definitely a keeper. It is so cute. You amaze me with your sewing skills. The apron looks absolutely adorable on E. I really do not know where you find the time. Love to all.