Saturday, November 2, 2013


 This weekend is prime weekend to enjoy the beautifully colored trees! I took another picture of a yellow tree that is close to our house...

So pretty!

October was my month to have my "date" with Zakkai. We couldn't squeeze in a time so we had it today~ hey, close enough to October! This morning Zakkai and I went to a packing party for Operation Christmas Child at our church along with lots of families. We all signed up to bring 20 of a certain item (socks, soap, matchbox cars, balls, etc). All of the items got arranged on tables covered in pink/blue/or green table cloths. We grabbed a box, decided if we were packing for a boy or girl and went from table to table, starting with the essentials (soap, washcloth, pair of socks, toothbrush/paste and a little bible) and then added toys!

Zakkai LOVED it! He is our little helper and is always eager to jump in when asked. He packed 5 boxes up and before we knew it, with all of the families helping, all 250 boxes were packed! They asked for helpers to stay and re-check all the boxes to make sure the essentials were in each one (because with kids helping, you never know! We did find a couple boxes filled with only toys:) and Zakkai asked if we could stay and help. He ran back and forth carrying re-checked boxes to the tables. Such a sweet boy!!

(ignore the mess in the background!) I made Baby Anna a little mattress and pillow for her cradle today, which thrilled Eliana to pieces!

Doesn't she look cozy? Eliana tucked her thumb in her mouth and settled her baby in for a good nap:) She is easy to please, this girl!

Speaking of, we are on the hunt for a toddler belt for her since she all too often sports "plumber butt" these days, except when wearing leggings. We went to three different stores looking for a pink belt today, to no avail. She is so excited for her pink belt:) I think I am going to have to hunt online. It isn't always easy to find things for petite little girls!

And she is petite! She had her 3 year check-up last week and she is once again 3rd % for height and 25th for weight. I did the height predictor calculator for her yesterday and it has her only being 4 ft 11 inches tall!! I do hope she reaches at least 5 feet but we love her, teeny tiny and all:)

Tomorrow is a busy day, with a special Bible presentation for third-graders (Samuel) at our church and the Baptism of Baby C at his church. A special day!

Now I am off to end this fall day with the perfect and oh-so-wonderful treat of Trader Joe's Pumpkin Ice cream. Mmm.....


muggalove said...

I so enjoyed your latest blog! I can picture Zakkai so loving helping with the boxes. And our little squirt! I did witness the droopy drawers-hope you find the belt!

Grandma W said...

Reading about Z warms my heart. What a great idea for your special time with him. He is just beaming in the picture standing by the boxes. E is quite the little mother, isn't she. How sweet is that? She has the best example, for sure!! Love to all.

Charity said...

We searched FOREVER for a belt for Brandon earlier this year. We FINALLY found several at Osh Kosh. Not sure if you have one of those close to you. It was hysterical. We wondered if maybe they don't make belts for young kids because they might strangle themselves? Not sure, but we had the same problem. Brandon's pants would end up at his ankles! He was so skinny.