Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hump Day...

 It was such a long day today and I am admittedly glad it's almost over! Samuel kept saying tonight, "It's hump-day!" And I am glad! Hopefully the rest of the week will be a little easier.

Eliana is very excited for her upcoming birthday this weekend. She doesn't fully grasp what a birthday is, except it is special, involves singing, cakes and presents and her's is coming! Yesterday when we went grocery shopping, she said, as we entered the store, "Is there a birthday at this store?"
She is also requesting her "Pink Dinner," as you may have seen on FB, so I am in the process of deciding what that will be! So far I have a pink tablecloth and some Dora plates....:)

Samuel working hard on his homework! Once we got over that rough patch the first two weeks of school, I have heard almost no complaining about the amount of work he has. He just comes home, enjoys his "grace period" and whips out all his work. Often he doesn't need any help! We just keep telling him over and over, it doesn't matter if you get all perfect scores, it only matters to us if you tried your hardest.

It's what my mom always said to me and it has stuck with me and now I am passing it down!

Silly girl watching a cartoon:) She has ramped up her Dora obsession lately and wants to watch it all the time! Can't believe how big she is getting. I hope she will be happy and surprised with her Dora cake this weekend!

Speaking of the weekend, we have special guests coming! Almost a week ago, my mom and stepdad decided to come and help us make Eliana's bday special! We are so excited to have them, especially since we celebrate most birthdays alone as a little family and we often miss having extended family to share with.

Should be a good weekend!


grandma said...

Your mother is so looking forward to coming to celebrate E special birthday..I sure wish Great gram and grpa could come to..Not a good time for us back wise..but good news got my 2nd shot and I am better..PTL..We send our prayers and love for your week end..Fun Fun

Charity said...

Happy Birthday Big Girl! I hope the pink b-day is a success. Love you guys!