Thursday, October 10, 2013

Baby dolls and Fireman

This morning, Eliana wanted to walk to school and push Baby Anna instead of riding in a stroller herself. I compromised (because compromise is very important with a volatile toddler!) with bringing the stroller along and letting her walk part of the way home.....

She was very happy!

We decided this birthday will be about baby dolls. She is so crazy about her babies, especially Baby Anna, and just can't get enough of being a little mommy. She is constantly "borrowing" Baby C's stuff like his carseat, clothes, diapers, etc so she can mommy her own babies. We are going to surprise her with some baby things of her own for her birthday!

Pretty sure she's going to love it:) I have to admit that I am really thankful that she is "girlie" because I relate to it so well. I was a very girlie girl when I was little, too. Dressing up, wearing my hair in French braids or pincurls ( I loved that!), playing barbies or dolls for hours a day, paper dolls, etc. I was definitely not a tom-boy! Eliana can drive cars with the best of 'em (as a matter of fact, it's her favorite bath time activity!) due to the patronage of her big bros but she also has been automatically drawn to doll houses, baby dolls, clothes and sparkly pink things without anyone pushing her to it!

When we go to friends' houses or to church, she immediately gravitates to the girlie toys and is in heaven:) I think it's so interesting how different she is from the boys!

The boys have had Fire Safety Week at school and have been all into creating a fire escape route for our house. They are insistent that we need to draw it out; not only Plan A but Plan B, too! Samuel remembers details I have told him about when my house burned down when I was a little girl. I try not to go into too much detail because they have crazy imaginations (especially the son that starts with a Z!) and it can cause fear. But I know it is good to be prepared, just in case.

Zakkai wanted to be a fireman for the longest time but it died a quick death when he saw a fire truck demonstration at his preschool a year and a half ago where they raised their ladder up 99 ft in the air and let a fireman climb to the top. He was so surprised and scared by the idea that he might have to climb that high, too, that he decided then and there not to be a fireman anymore! I was a little sad about that for awhile because it was such a cute thing but he still has about 87 other possibilities for careers so he'll be okay:)

Samuel is holding strong to his ideas of being a Pet Shop owner, who may or may not sell dogs, but most of all, a Daddy. That really melted Ben's heart when Samuel told him that the other day. The part that didn't melt my heart so much was when he insisted that he, his wife, their three children, his in-laws and Zakkai's family will all be living in the house with us.....

We're going to have to work on that...:) Thankfully we have a lot of time!

Have a great Thursday!

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