Monday, October 28, 2013


 Our boys have been very busy lately! They are full of life, energy, questions, ideas, jokes and creativity. And sometimes they wear me out:) Only sometimes, though!

Zakkai has been a little bookworm lately! He started reading "Diary of A Wimpy Kid" last week and he carries a couple copies around with him most places. And he is actually reading them instead of just paying attention to the pictures:)

Isn't he handsome! He looks so old in this picture! One night at dinner last week, I looked at Samuel and he looked just like Ben and I told him "You look so much like your Daddy." Zakkai piped up immediately and asked, "Do I look like anybody?" I told him that he looks so much like my side of the family! I often see my sister, my grandma and my mom in him. He really liked feeling special! And then he said, "So, I look like the girls??" ha!

Samuel is pretty handsome himself! He is growing so much. He struggles with a bit of teenager-y attitude, which we constantly have to work on, but he is quick, sharp, funny and very smart! He used a belated bday gift card this weekend and got a magic card trick set and in 2 days, learned 5-6 very cool tricks!! He is practicing so he can put on a show for our families at Thanksgiving:)

We got a free table and chairs several years ago and they have been used well. I even recovered them and painted them a couple years ago but slowly they have deteriorated and some of the legs of the chairs and table have barely been hanging on. This chair finally bit the dust this weekend! We usually kept it in the spot where one of the boys would sit on it but it had gotten moved somehow and I happened to be looking at Ben right as he was in motion to sit on it and it was like slow-motion. I called out, "Nooooooooo!" and he looked so surprised as he slowly collapsed to the floor. It was a little funny:)

Needless to say, a table and chairs will be added to our growing list of someday furniture replacement !

This was a picture I took of my wild animals to send a "Happy Birthday" message to their cousin, Dylan! I so wish they could live closer...

And this weekend, we made flubber!! I found the post on pinterest, of course, and it was super easy to make! The boys were SO excited and kept bugging all weekend once we told them we would make it. Here they are pouring in the glue...

And stirring in the food coloring. They agreed on green:)

After some mixing...flubber!

Ready to play with!

The boys were ready to play with flubber after homework this afternoon! Zakkai was nice enough to share with Eliana, who just loved it! She used some playdough tools to cut it and make shapes. I'm glad we tried this one!

It was a little warmer today (low 50s) and sunny so after a busy morning of cleaning and laundry, I took my little big girl out on her pink scooter and to the park, which she has dubbed, "The Hello Kitty Park." Even though it has nothing whatsoever to do with Hello Kitty:)

We were the only ones there and it was just fun to hang out with her! Too bad it didn't wear her out enough for a nap....

Tomorrow I'll be working on Halloween costumes!

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