Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Birthday Overload!

 When I say birthday overload, I mean birthday overload! Not only do I have pictures of our fantastic three year old and her very pink birthday, I also have received news of FOUR births of friends and family in the past week and a half!

Three are from our former house group and we are so happy for all of them! Two little girls and one little boy! And just yesterday, my cousin's baby was born! You may remember my post from last month about the adoption that literally fell into their laps and the outpouring from friends and family was absolutely amazing! Tomorrow they will get to hold their little guy in their arms for the first time. So, so exciting!

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures I can share of all these birthday babies, so you will have to make do with MY birthday baby!

Cheese! Think she will do??

On Friday night, my mom and stepdad arrived from Ohio! The boys had just been tucked into bed but as soon as they heard the voices of their beloved Mugga and Papa, they ran down the stairs for hugs! We sent them back to bed quickly, with the promise of parties and fun on Saturday:)

We were up early and my mom had the great idea of going on a pumpkin hunt so we could carve pumpkins!

We decided not to drive far to a pumpkin farm and spend any extra money, so instead we checked out a local farmer's market for pumpkins (way too big!) and ended up buying some at the grocery store. Lame, I know, but we were pleased with our picks! Everyone sat down get their creative juices flowing and plan out their pumpkin faces while I made lunch and a birthday cake!

Eliana played while some football played in the background:)

Finally, it was time to don birthday hats and sing to a birthday girl!!

Eliana and her big bro:)

Pink table!

In happy remembrance of my grandma's cakes she used to make for us (with Barbies!), I made a Dora Dress cake!! Eliana was SO excited and a little confused when she saw Dora sitting in her cake:) We assured her that Dora would be just fine after a bath!

Eliana is into these new "cheesy" ham grins these days. Sigh.

A few raspberries for garnish and she was ready! Eliana blew out the candle in one quick blow! After Ben cut a few of the pieces out, Eliana peeked at the cake and said, "Dora's naked!!" haha.

After we gobbled up our pink vanilla cake, we got to give some presents to our excited birthday girl!

From us, she got an adorable (if I don't say so myself!) doll set which included a bouncy seat, a pack n' play (or as E calls it, a "Pack n' place), carseat, clip on high chair and diaper bag! She LOVED it!

Then while Daddy was putting together her gift from Mugga and Papa (stay tuned, pics below!), Eliana got to check out her new doll equipment. Let's just say that Baby Anna is one lucky baby doll!

"Reading" a little birthday card from Grandma:) She also got a couple of magic bottles and 2 doll onsies from Samuel and Zakkai. Again, huge hit!

See what I mean about the cheesiness??

Tada! A little mommy bird told Mugga and Papa that this little girl has been hankering for a pink scooter of her very own and voila, she got one! She just loves her new wheels!!

A special box arrived from Grandma which had some playdough (always a huge hit!!), a new snazzy purse and a Minnie Mouse hat in it, which she insists on wearing every day! Even the boys got into playing with the playdough:)

 Afterwards we lined up our cool pumpkins for a pic. Mugga's, Samuel's, Papa's and Zakkai's, which started out having a "booger" in it's nose but thankfully, Zakkai decided to remove it! Boys.

We decided to let E paint her pumpkin instead! So while I whipped up some pizza dough for dinner, a very tired girl did a little painting. She didn't last long after this!

Hard at work!

Naked Dora!

More tomorrow!

p.s. If you notice some blog changes in the next few days, I am not crazy; I know I just "redecorated" but I got notice that my free blog background will be deleted in the next week or so because the lady who does them is no longer offering them free. Bummer! So I'm on the hunt for some new backgrounds. Bear with me!


Aunt t said...

Such a happy birthday girl. The dress your Mom made is so precious on her.
I can't believe she is 3!

Emily and Frank said...

Tell E she can come babysit Micah anytime- she's clearly a pro. Glad she had such a fun bday!