Thursday, July 25, 2013

Three Little Sheep

We started our Thursday bright and early with the farmer's market again. This week, thankfully, it was cool out for our early morning walk, rather than stifling! We are loving this weather!

And we love this sweet girl, too! Isn't she pretty?

While the boys were out playing and enjoying the beautiful, cooler sunshine-y day, Eliana got herself all spiffied up and told me she was going to kindergarten! She went over to the door, all packed up and said she was ready to go:)

Then she changed it to preschool. Oh, I hate the thought of sending her off to preschool! It would be like admitting that she's growing up and I'm not ready to do that:) Maybe next year...

Tonight, I got my family all set up with dinner and with my gracious hubby's support, skipped out to a Cardio Boxing class at the Y! (I know, me, boxing??) I have been wanting to pick up another class for awhile but it's so hard with our schedule being so busy, Ben not getting home til late some nights or having no car, etc. I have at least kept up with my Zumba once a week but I got brave tonight and went to this new class, which a fellow Zumba goer has been telling me about.

It was awesome! Crazy. Hard. Intense. Non-stop. And very fun! It was seriously one of the toughest workouts I've done. One whole hour of non-stop boxing, sparring, jogging, etc. Wow. I don't think I've sweated so much...ever! Er, I mean "glowed." ;)  I must be crazy because I am really hoping to go back again next week! It amazes me, despite how tiring exercising is, how much it energizes me.

We'll see if I feel the same way once the soreness sets in:)

And the best part? I came home to three squeaky clean children, ready for bed. My boy sheep had even been shorn! They look so handsome when they get their shaggy fur cut off:) I will have to wrangle them down for a picture tomorrow. We'll see if Samuel cooperates since he claims his hair is too short.

I'm off to check on my three little sheep before I go to bed....

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