Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cubs n' Laundry

Well, the Cubs didn't win but the boys had such a great time! They didn't get home until after 11pm!! Ben said they fell asleep almost as soon as they got in the car. They were pretty groggy this morning but happy:) Our friend bought them ice cream in little cubs hats (I'll have to take a pic) so that was a really special treat!

Today Samuel had his 8 year check-up. He is wonderfully healthy, skinny and tall:) I guess he's only about 25% for weight and the dr asked like three times if he ate well. Seriously. These boys eat SO much; I have no idea how we'll feed them when they're teenagers!! She was glad that I made an eye appt for him to check his prescription since he's struggled with headaches so much this month. Everything else checked out fine so we are assuming it is his eyes or possibly stress. It has honestly been a really difficult three months and I am not surprised at all at the thought of Samuel picking up on that. He takes after me, poor kid!!

I am only popping in to say hello! I just got back from Zumba and there are 4 loads of laundry on my bed begging to be folded before I can get some rest for my busy day tomorrow. I am wish now for a laundry fairy.....:)

Happy Tuesday!

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