Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Historical Moment...

 I am hereby stating for the record (please write this down) that I....(are you ready?) beat Ben at chess only moments ago. I know! It's a miracle! I may or may not have sworn to never ever in my entire life play chess with him ever again since he crushes me every single time with his annoyingly logical, strategic brain.

However, due to my unending love for him, I agreed to play with him tonight. True love, I tell you. True love!

This morning, I got all my kiddos dressed and out of the house by 7:15am so that we could beat the heat and run to our local farmer's market before sweet Baby Caleb came over. They were all munching on dry cereal the whole way; except for Samuel who insisted on trying to eat a bowl with milk. While walking.

And after all that....a tiny bug ended up in his milk so he had to toss it out at the end. What a goose!

We were sweating by the time we reached downtown (a 10-15 minute walk) but we enjoyed picking out some fresh peaches, green beans, blueberries and zucchini. There is nothing like fresh fruits and veggies!! SO much better that coming all packaged and bruised from the store. We got home just in time to welcome the baby:)

Eliana pulled out two of her little Barbie dolls (one was a gift from my Gma and the other was mine) and started playing with them! I haven't seen her interact with dolls like that before but her imagination has really been coming out lately!

The baby kept saying, "I want my mommy!" Just like Eliana says in real life:) She is such a funny girl. She insists on being called "Eli-YANA" or a baby doggie. We have so many nicknames for her but she keeps correcting us. We might say, "Hey, Little Sugar Plum!" and she immediately says, "I'm NOT a sugar plum! I'm Eli-YANA!"
And lately, when Ben says, "Are you our baby doggie (at her insistence:)?" She will say, "I'm MAMA'S baby doggie!" Man, what are we going to do with this girl??!!
Samuel has continued to have frequent headaches and we are thinking he needs to get his eyes checked again. He says his head feels better when he wears his glasses. Poor kid stood no chance with two "blind" parents!
Zakkai is still ridiculous and cute;) He has really been into his cash register and making everybody buy things at his store. He's an awful store keeper, too! He'll charge over $4,000 for some tiny thing like a piece of cheese or my phone or something. Then if we say we don't have enough money, he will tell us to buy some more money with our money! He also gives a lot of things away for free:)
I'm off to bed to rest up for another busy day tomorrow..

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