Sunday, July 7, 2013


 I'm alive! We have had terrible internet problems all week and the company wasn't able to send anyone out to fix it til this afternoon! Apparently, when our new neighbors got their internet or cable set up this week, our cable line got unhooked. Too bad it took 5 days for them to come fix such a simple problem!

Anyways, I've missed blogging and sharing the events of our week!

On Thursday, we went to a local 4th of July parade! Here's our red, white and blue crew:)

Eliana anxiously awaiting the start of the parade. The parade was led by a screaming crew of fire engines, ambulances and police cars. To say it was deafening is an understatement! Eliana wanted me to hold her and I covered her ears while she squeezed her eyes shut.

The boys got lots of candy and pencils, which made them happy.

We really missed seeing our family but settled for a quiet family BBQ which included watermelon (mmm) and later on, this patriotic dessert! I layered homemade vanilla pudding, cool whip and berries onto some pound cake. Delicious!

On Friday, I packed up my crew and Baby C, whom I now watch a few days a week, and we went to the park before it got too  hot. The boys pretty much spent the entire time riding their scooters in the basketball court.

Samuel loves to be outdoors!

Zakkai alternates between his new bike and his scooter all day:)

Eliana refused to wear her cute hat, instead opting for one of the boys hats:)

And yesterday, we got to celebrate our sweet Samuel, who is now a big EIGHT year old! He got the royal treatment all day:) He requested homemade blueberry muffins. Mmm!

We treated him to his first "Happy Birthday" song and a candle. You can never have too much singing on your birthday!

  Happy kid!

Then later, we let him pick a place to eat lunch before we went to see a movie! He picked (much to B and my's chagrin) McDonald's. We didn't say anything though because we wanted him to be happy!

Eliana sure enjoyed her rare treat of a Happy Meal! The perfect thing was that they all got a Despicable Me 2 toy in their meals which was fun since that was the movie that we saw! Eliana's first movie in a theater:) It was a very cute movie and we all enjoyed it! Samuel was having such a great time.

We came home and got to work on Samuel requested birthday dinner, crepes! He adores crepes and I don't make them often since it is a lot of work and takes forever. We like to have sweet crepes with homemade vanilla pudding and fruit (this time strawberries, blueberries and banana slices) and savory crepes with scrambled eggs and sausage links. Samuel was SO happy:)

And then I made him a strawberry cake! It turned out pretty good, although I was too full from dinner to eat even half of my piece.

Samuel was so happy yesterday and I'm pretty sure he felt special:) They were up late and Samuel asked me to come and tell him when he was officially 8 years old. About 10 minutes after we tucked them in bed, I crept in to find him sitting in his bed waiting for me. I gave him eight kisses, which he loved. I cannot believe that he is so big already. I got really teary when I hugged him tight goodnight, just thinking about how special he is to us.

Later, before I went to bed, I made my usual rounds checking on everyone and I found Samuel sound asleep.....with his birthday card from B and I clutched in his hands. So sweet! Happiest birthday to our Samuel!

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