Monday, July 15, 2013

Crazy children and Art projects!

What a day! Remember those loony toons cartoons where at the end one of the cartoon characters ran away as fast and far as they could and disappeared into the distance?

That's exactly what I wanted to do today! It was one of the summer days that I was dreading. Hot. Humid. No car. Stuck inside. Crazy children.

Need I say more?

We started out the morning with the Thomas Jr band. Waaaayyy too early for keyboards (at full volume when Z plays!), drums, harmonica's and singing. Oy.

Then I tried to talk to one of my friends for a few minutes on the phone and this happened. It ended in screaming, yelling, injury and me sprouting a few gray hairs. The boys weren't able to stay outside for too long because it was pretty hot so they ended up inside building a "submarine" on the floor. Then one thing led to another (cagey child + cagey child = disaster waiting to happen...) and the boys were kicking each other and yelling and Z ended up with a bruised cheek, Samuel got banished to his room and Eliana was in tears over how awful they were acting.

I almost lost it right then and there. Enter deep breaths and prayers.

He may be cute and sweet but he is also a bit of a troublemaker when it comes to his brother! The boys were sentenced to basement time during Eliana's nap so I could recuperate some of my sanity and their noise could be contained somewhat. At lunch time, I pulled on of my slips out of my activity jar that I put together right before school ended and we decided to do an art project after naptime.

Whew! The afternoon was saved with only one tiny piece of paper...

The nice thing about art is you can use anything around your house! I did a quick pinterest search for ideas and grabbed some paper plates and paint and away we went!

The boys stripped their shirts off once they started getting paint on them. Thank goodness for washable paint!

I love that they still love to do projects even though they are getting so "Old." haha;)

We made little fish tanks! First they painted their paper plate plates a bluish-green color for the water. Then they glued cheerios onto the bottom for the rocks. Some green tissue paper strips became the seaweed and they decorated their cardboard fish with tissue paper, too. Pretty cute! This is Eliana's masterpiece. She LOVES to do art!

I said they could eat any cheerios they didn't use:)

This is Samuel's fish. He preferred the "minimalist" approach:)

And this is Mr Z's, with the big blobs of glue! He prefers the "maximalist" approach:)

It really helped our afternoon calm down (which was very good for my sanity!) and I had three happy kiddos on my hands. Then while I made dinner, they had "band practice" and did some crazy dancing to keyboard music.

I hope tomorrow is a little calmer....

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Grandma W said...

Some days young mothers need an extra dose of patience - and grace. Great idea for an art project. I love all three. Somehow I knew Z's would be the boldest. S and E did such a great job. The trip to Wisconsin looked like a fun time. Praying for you. Love to all.