Monday, July 29, 2013

Girl's Night!

Miss Eliana and I have had a quiet girlie night together because....

Our boys are off to a Cubs game! A good friend of ours called Ben on Friday to say he had extra tickets and wanted to share with Ben and the boys! So I packed them a dinner and sent them off to enjoy their boys' night:) This is a first for Zakkai! Ben and Samuel got to go to a Cubs/Reds game a couple of years ago and Samuel still has the ticket saved from that special memory. I am so happy for these guys and hope they're having a great time!

Meanwhile, Miss E and I took a leisurely walk to the park, with Eliana's play picnic basket in hand, and played for awhile. She got very serious and upset when she saw a little girl come over to inspect her toy but other than that, had a very good time. We met another little girl, a couple months older, who had glasses, too! Her glasses were a very stylish bright red:) We've said that Eliana can pick out her next pair by herself but I'm hoping she won't pick such a bright color!

We walked home, or rather, I carried the Princess home, and then we had a quiet dinner, a bath and a fun story. Now I'm sitting here in the silence wondering what to do with myself!

I'm leaning towards quilting and watching a Shirley Temple movie....Choices, choices:)


grandma said...

I only hope the Cubs won that game..We are having a pitiful year..Can hardly watch them..I must say I can't watch them..Confess..Its to painful..Never thought Id say that first year..Oh well as we Cub fans say "Wait until next year"..Pray the boys had a ball..It is so much fun to watch in person..

mommyoflove3 said...

No, Gma, I am sorry to say that they didn't! Oh well, it was still really fun for the boys!