Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer fun!

 Yesterday, we took advantage in the break in humidity to go to the park for a bit! Eliana insisted on bringing Baby Anna, who took her first rides on the slide:) It can be hard to take a walk with everyone because Eliana (who is used to being in the stroller) often wants me to hold her, while pushing the baby in his stroller! Samuel has come to my rescue a couple of times, offering to help push the baby. He's a good kid!

Eliana and her baby:)

Wearing her "matching dress" that Mugga made. (although she refuses to let Baby Anna wear hers! go figure...)

Checking to make sure Baby Anna is snuggled up just right;)

Zakkai has been big into playing restaurant with Eliana the past couple of days. Today he pulled down his cash register, which was really a hit! Eliana took advantage of Z being outside to play...



Such a pretty girl! Yesterday afternoon, she went to climb in her pink car and decided to climb over the side that doesn't open....only to have the whole car topple over on top of her:( Oh, the look on her face when I came to rescue her was heartbreaking! And so was the blood running down her chin when I got a good look at her:( She bit her top lip pretty badly and still has a swollen bruised lip today. You can see it hanging down a bit on the top left side.

We decided to sit outside on the porch to wait for Baby C's daddy to come. Samuel, who is now a skateboarding junkie, was shyly showing off moves and Eliana and Zakkai were doctoring up stuffed animals;)

Look at this big kid! He literally disappears for hours a day (don't worry, I keep an eye on him and check!) to practice his moves.

One more "cheese!" to get you through the night;) Tomorrow, we're headed off for a fun little day trip!


Aunt t said...

Eliana has such beautiful hair! Do you style it everyday?
I can't believe how big Samuel is with the skateboarding thing!

mommyoflove3 said...

Aunt T, thank you:) I don't "style" it everyday; I usually put a bow in it or put it back just to get it out of her face! I agree about Samuel!