Sunday, April 6, 2014

Park and Recreation!

 During the long (long!) winter months here, we drive by the neighborhood parks, empty of children, buried under thick blankets of snow and we dream of sunny spring or summer days when we can set the children loose again! That day finally came this weekend, after 4 1/2 very long (did I mention long?) months.

Ben had a paper to present at a conference yesterday and the weather was really nice so the kiddos and I walked to a nearby park and spent a good part of the late afternoon soaking up some much-needed vitamin D and getting fresh air!

They all spent an extraordinary length of time on the seesaw horsing around:) Zakkai brought his basketball to play in the court but had to wait for some bigger kids to leave.

Eliana LOVED the seesaw! Samuel caused a lot of trouble standing in between them:)

My trio!

Then Eliana became a conductor and took us to warmer places on the train.

It was a great way to spent the afternoon! Makes the rainy days bearable when you know more of these kinds of days are coming.

Eliana got herself alllll dressed up for church today! I did a little "tweaking" before church and swapped the polka dot pants for some pink leggings but other than that, let her be:) She gets herself dressed in wild combinations all day. She changes her clothes at least twice a day!

After church and a little quiet time, we headed to the park again this afternoon, this time with Daddy and our neighbor Mikey in tow.

Eliana did some fancy sliding today:)

The boys and Daddy played a lot of basketball and then they came over to climb on the train. Well, the boys, that is. Not Ben:)

Eliana hanging' on the swing...

Oh, to be a kid again!

Yesterday morning, the kiddos were a little rowdy so I put on a music CD I got from the library and before I knew it, they were all dancing and having a great time! I need to do this more often!

When we go to the park, Eliana takes off running and runs 'til she can run no more! She has this really cute bouncy run:)

Hope you had a great weekend!

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