Thursday, April 3, 2014

Homemade Yummies!

 Well, this week is rolling right along! Hard to believe it's Thursday already. Eliana and I completed our first successful "budget cut" shopping trip and boy was it an eye-opener! I had NO idea that I was such an impulse buyer. I really thought that I only got 2 or 3 things extra each time and that it wouldn't add up to much. At the very least, this experience has really gotten me to examine my habits closer and challenged me to be more careful. More on that later.

I made my first homemade snack ~ graham crackers!

They smelled SO good as they were baking! The graham crackers were a hit with everyone. It was a little hard to roll them out as thin as they should have been because of the dough (very stiff) so I can work on that to improve for next time.

And there will be a next time! Here is the recipe I used. I had to used light brown sugar since I couldn't find any dark. I may even cut down on the sugar a bit next time because it was sweet enough with sugar and honey. Very tasty! Can you imagine how good s'more would be??

Next up, homemade fruit roll-ups!

Sweet girl:)

She scared awake super early this morning by the booming thunder. She cried and cried for awhile about the "scary funder." Ben brought her in to snuggle with us for our last few minutes of precious sleep. But it was too late. The continuing thunder stopped her from being able to go back to sleep. Which stopped us from going back to sleep. Bummer!

Needless to say, she is slumbering peacefully for a rare nap at the moment:)

Samuel and I have been coming up with pictures for him to bring to school for next week, as he is "Star of the Week." He specifically requested a picture of him with his Thomas trains (special memories!) and family pictures. We had fun walking down memory lane.

Man, when I look at the boys and how much they have changed, I can hardly believe it. Staring at those pictures of little Samuel with his chubby cheeks and little boy joy over trains bring a little lump into my throat. Those were precious days!

Zakkai is not in any of these pictures because he was....otherwise occupied:) Ben finally gave him a MUCH needed haircut last night. I will try to sneak a picture of him today, if I can. He has stick-straight hair and when it grows too long, he begins to resemble a scarecrow with a mullet. Poor kid. We always feel terribly guilty until we cut it!

Happily, the scarecrow is gone and Zakkai's adorable face is back again!

And I want to wish a very happy birthday to my favorite Grandpa in the whole world! His unshakable faith is an inspiration to all who meet him, especially Ben and I. We are so thankful to have his love, his wisdom and his encouragement. We are praying this year is so much better than the last few months. Love you, Gpa!


Aunt t said...

Those graham crackers look delicious and I would imagine the children love to eat them up. I remember after school we either could have one graham cracker or a saltine cracker with peanut butter on top and that was it until dinner. And water.
We are trying to eat lighter meals and trying to shed some fat around the middle because the shorts do not fit as good this year!
I just have to deny myself so much to save money! 😌

grandma said...

Aunt Terri makes me laugh..I havnt tried on the shorts yet but it will not be pretty..I have tried weight watchers on line but I have not lost a lb..It's because I figure emotional times with Grandpa trials which tend to be mine too..Because of his eye I made tetrezini wrong splelling but you know what I mean..I ate much drowing my nerves..Oh my how will I every lose weight.I said I wasn't going to do this but I looked at Logans wedding picks..Oh my..

mommyoflove3 said...

You did swear you would never do WW again, Grandma...:) It is hard to deny yourself! Aunt Terri, that is funny about the one cracker as a snack! It would save money though...