Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

 He is Risen! We had a beautiful service at church today. So very thankful! And then 10 seconds after we came home, I forced our spiffy crew to step outside for pictures! Good thing I did, too, because they changed clothes faster than you can say, "I told you so!"

Aren't they cute?!

Zakkai thought he was being funny to stick out his tongue. Stinker.

Mr. Z-man! A handsome 7 year old, if I ever saw one!

He has grown up so much this year. Sometimes we still have to remind ourselves that he's not 5 anymore...

And the little darling! My mom sent her this Easter hat in the mail and she thinks it's pretty fun to wear! My mom also supervised me making this dress for E! Eliana was excited to wear it!

Little Lady:)

Pretty girl.

Boy, this kiddos is 8 going on 14! He is so big and just maturing so much. Hard to believe he was once our little "Das B!" (his nickname as a baby)

So handsome! He's getting some wiggly front teeth. I admit I am hoping he'll lose them a little closer to Christmas so we can sing, "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!"

I love these three!

Happy Easter from the Thomas Family!

p.s. as an interesting side, our church was chosen by NBC for the national Easter service aired on television today. The times they aired the show (all NBC affiliates around the country had the option of airing a religious service today and if they wanted to, this was their option!) It was on very early in a lot of states but just in case you are interested to hear: It was pre-taped a few weeks ago so it wasn't today's service but still pretty cool!


Grandma W said...

Such cute Easter pics. I love E's hat. I went to the link for your church service. I could get part of it, but my computer wouldn't buffer fast enough. (Probably time for a new one :(
Anyway, the part of the service I did see was impressive. Very nice. Music was excellent. I looked for you all in the congregational shots, but could not see you :) Thankful you had a blessed Easter. Love to all. Praying.

mommyoflove3 said...

Well, you didn't see us because...we weren't there:) NBC said kids 3 and under couldn't be in the service and the church had enough volunteers to come for the taping. Some of our friends were in it and got captured on camera!