Monday, April 21, 2014

Big Do!

 For once, I have lots of pictures to share with more waiting in the queue:) Eliana and I had a fun day today, as you will see later!

On Friday afternoon, we took a little stroll down part of our street. This is the face Eliana made when Ben made her turn around:) She is becoming notorious in our family for her grouchy faces! Couple those with her crossed arms and she is the epitome of disgruntledness!

Trying to decide if she wants to be friendly or not...

I got to do some tickle torturing with this guy this weekend. He has a great laugh and his nose wrinkles when he laughs really hard. So cute!

This morning, Eliana got her very first ever professional haircut!! This is her "before shot." I tried to trim her hair a couple weeks ago but apparently I have reached the end of my hair cutting expertise, as it was a wee bit uneven.

We went to a really cute haircutting place about 10 minutes away, where I found a groupon! She got to choose her "ride" for her haircut and she chose a fancy pink airplane:) As you can see, she was very serious about the whole thing! She did not want to come but I kept telling her it was fun!

I think part of the reason she was so serious most of the time, aside from her nervousness of the unknown, was that she had to remove her glasses, which is an uncomfortable feeling!

Done with the cutting and about to get her first blow-dry! She sat so perfectly still for the whole thing. During the blow-dry, she did a little driving in her plane:)

Ta-da! A cute little bob!

I put her glasses on and we turned her around to the mirror and she started smiling and said she liked it!

Aw, she looks sooooo cute! It made me a little bit teary when it was all done because she looks older and so pretty! It was a big event for her:) Okay, and for me, too! She LOVES her hair and couldn't wait to show it off to Daddy and her brothers.

Tonight she prayed, "Dear Lord Jesus, Thank you for my haircut and thank you that Jesus made me beautiful and thank you for the pink airplane and for my hair getting cut and that I will be so pretty! Amen!"

So sweet!


Aunt t said...

Oh my, she is adorable with that bob haircut and her brown cargo pants!

Emily and Frank said...

LOVE the haircut! Her and Alaina could be haircut twins!

Grandma W said...

One things is for sure - you don't have to wonder how E is feeling. Her facial expressions say it all. Her haircut is so very cute. The first pic of her frowning when B made her turn around made me think of how I feel sometimes when God doesn't let things go in the direction I think they should. But...Father knows best. Love to all. Praying.

grandma said...

Well you Thomas girls are all so beautiful..Great hair cuts....Reminds me I need a hair cut..Don't we love the warm weather..Fun times..