Monday, September 9, 2013

Pawna and Koalas..

 Apparently summer isn't quite finished with us yet, despite the stirrings of fall dreams of apple picking, wearing jeans and cooking soups again. We're back to mid-90 degree weather and I know that probably doesn't make my Texas family blink an eye but for us's HOT!

It was pretty miserable walking home from school today so we did not linger at the school. Zakkai decided to take over pushing Eliana for me since I was watching the baby today, which I don't usually do on Mondays. I was wearing him in the Moby wrap and we were making each other sweat!!

Z said, "Mommy, can you please take a picture of Eliana and me??!" No-brainer! I don't get enough pictures of my boys because they aren't home nearly as much and are too busy for pictures!

Here's my 3rd grader! See all the key chains hanging off his book bag? That was "THE" thing to do last year! All the kids were collecting key chains like mad. One little friend of ours even had a huge cluster of over 15! This year the fad seems to be rubber band bracelets. Apparently there are kits that you can buy to make them and the boys are begging me for one. I said maybe for Christmas. We'll see if the fad lasts that long!!

And don't forget Miss Thang! She found some 3D glasses and decided to try them on:) Too cool for words!

She still has that lingering cold and has a cough now. She's not really sick, just a little extra clingy and easier to upset than normal. I've been calling her my little koala bear because she clings to me like one. I showed her pictures today and she thought they were pretty cute!

This weekend Zakkai wrote his first story! He was very busy with many colored markers and took forever to come up with his idea but once he did, he wrote like mad! He kept asking us how to spell words. "How do you spell Once?"

B and I were sitting on the couch when he looked up and said, "How do you spell 'pawna'?" We both looked at each other in confusion and said, "Pawna??" Zakkai said, "Yeah! Like 'Onca Pona? "(Once Upon A). We thought that was just adorable! He wrote a story about some Angry Birds and Pigs and says he's going to sell it for either 5 cents or $2. He hasn't decided yet:)

And Samuel has decided that Nike shoes are pretty awesome because "ALL" of his friends have them and he needs them too. Right..... I will be happy to nip this one in the bud and teach him how to be thankful for what he has!

It's a good thing to practice whether you are 8 or 80! Good night!

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grandma said...

I remember when Uncle Mike was in Worthington Christian High all the boys on his team had very expensive basketball shoes..we could not afford so he wore his converse basketball shoes..It was so painful for us but he survived just fine..I think they learn valuable lessons.Like they don't have to have name brand to be good..He was captain of the team in his converse shoes..