Thursday, September 26, 2013

Girl's Day and more!

 I had every intention of catching up on my blog last night but a sinus headache did me in and I was sound asleep by 6pm!! I have more pictures from the weekend to share:)

On Monday, my sister and I had a girl's day out with our little girls! We went to Ikea, where we spent over 2 hours browsing and shopping!

Two little buddies:)

We just fell in love with our sweet niece all over again this weekend. She is such a little darling! We had to end our Ikea adventures when the two littles started showing signs of hunger and sleepiness so we headed over to Fuddruckers for lunch. Neither of us had been there in years and let me tell you, it was even better than we'd remembered!! Mmmm....

That night our girlies took a bath together:)


Little E!
On Tuesday morning, my Sis and her E had to head home. We miss having them here! The first thing Eliana said when she woke up yesterday morning was, "Is Evy here?" We wish we lived closer so we could have more cousin time!
We are looking into buying a big girl bed for Eliana! We found a cheap one on Craigslist and I am hoping it will still be available for us to buy this weekend! We will paint it and fix it up for her. She is really excited about having a "big girl bed" and I am excited and sad that we will soon be packing away our crib forever!
This morning Eliana woke up and said, "I need Zakkai to help me go potty." I said, "Zakkai? You don't want me to help you?" She said, "I need my brothers to help me!" So I went in the boys' room and said that Eliana wanted her brothers to help her and they both leaped out of bed and ran to help her. Basically they just helped hold her on the potty and let me do the rest:) They helped her each week at MOPS bible study this summer and took good care of her. It was really sweet to see them run to help her and to watch her trust for them.
The boys are doing so well in school, both working so hard and getting challenging work. Their teachers are so happy with them and it makes us proud to see their hard work! They play together at lunch recess a lot (soccer is the big game this year) and apparently, a lot of kids and even some teachers get them mixed up and call them by the wrong names! Samuel said, "I don't get it! We have different clothes, different hair and I am taller!" I said, "True, but you are brothers and you look a lot alike and when people don't see you together, it's easy to get confused!" I think it's kind of funny. I love having them in the same school!
Yesterday, the boys' school sent out an email informing us that a young mother died of cancer. She had 2 children in their school, the exact same ages of my boys (neither in their classes though), and a 3 year old daughter at home. It really hit home with me. I didn't even know this lady but I found myself crying over her, for her children and her husband, who are left to grieve and figure out how to do life with out one of the most important people in their world.
She is the second young mother to die in our school in the last week and a half. It really shakes you up and makes you think about what is truly important in your life. The outpouring that we have seen from the community has truly been amazing. The slots for the meal train were filled up within hours from friends and strangers. One of the young boys is celebrating a birthday tomorrow and women are surrounding this family and putting together a party for him and trying to find ways to reach out to the families. Please say a prayer for these fathers and children!

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grandma said...

Here I go again did you ever type your response and have it disappear..just happeded 3 times..I loved seeing E and E together..Arnt they cutes..I miss you all so..Im sitting here recovering from my ordeal but Im good thank you Lord..Love you all