Saturday, September 28, 2013

Apple Picking...Take 2!

 Beautiful Day. Jonagolds all to ourselves. Big, juicy apples ripe for the picking. Maple Doughnuts. A drive filled with color-changing trees. After baths, a dinner of apples, popcorn and apple bars. Pretty much perfect.

Apple Picking 2013. For real this time:)


Emily and Frank said...

We went apple picking this weekend, too! It felt weird to be surrounded by fall-related stuff while sweating in the 80 degree weather, though. :) Post some apple recipes!

grandma said...

We did not go but your Mom and Aunt Judy did..So we have had apple crisp every night and we love love it..So good I have to go out tomorrow and buy more apples..Really only good at this time of year..I wonder why..Like Emily says post some apple recipes..Not our fam family apple pie but any thing else..Love Gram