Friday, September 6, 2013


Happy Friday! Eliana, Baby C and I spent a quiet day at home. She just loves our little baby friend and this week has been into stroking his head while I feed him his bottles and saying, "Aw, he's so cute!" She repeats this at least 6 times a bottle:)

The boys completed another successful week at school! We started getting homework for both boys this week but I think it will be increasing next week, as the teachers start adding in more things. Samuel and I had a rough time with homework last week. He and I tend to butt heads a bit over it but thankfully, we started establishing some better afternoon routines this week that worked wonders!

I have been letting the boys stay for 10-15 minutes to play on the school playground after school and then we walk home, with them telling me things about their day. We get home and I give them a snack and declare it "Grace Period" for a half an hour. That means they can do whatever they want: read a book, play a game, play with toys, lay on the floor like a log, whatever. After the Grace Period is over, they bring me folders (which contain all the papers and homework from the day) and we start going through everything and working on homework, while I start making dinner. This is one reason why we moved our table into our kitchen; so that I could do dinner and help with homework at the same time!

A friend invited the boys over after school today so they walked home with some buddies and that gave me extra time this afternoon! I picked them up after our friend came to pick up Baby C and the boys were sweaty, stinky and happy! We came home and made our homemade pizza and watched a Dr Suess video from the library:)

Eliana has been getting into some newer nighttime/naptime rituals with how she says goodnight. She wants to give me a "little baby kiss" and if she deigns, she will let me give her a little baby kiss on her sweet cheek. Then she says, "I want to say goodnight. Goodnight, Mama!" Then the last two days she has reminded me that we are both girls and "they" are all boys:) And then she'll blow me some kisses and after I close the door, she yells, "I LOVE YOU!!!"

She is such a sweet, stinker princess!! So lucky she has a strict Daddy to keep her under control...hahaha! (in case you don't realize the joke: She has her Daddy wrapped around all of her little fingers;)

Here's your proof:


grandma said...

Daddy's love their little girls that's for sure..Grandpa loved his three little girls..Of course his boy was so special to him too..As I know its the case with Ben and his boys..Amazing how different girls are then boys..Love to all 5 of you..

Charity said...

I can't believe how big she looks in that picture. Too cute!