Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cousin Time!

 One difficult thing about living away from our families, and there are many, is that our kids have no cousins to play with. I know I have blogged about this before but it often makes my heart sad. I grew up surrounded by built-in playmates in my cousins and family get-togethers were a very important part of our childhood!

Last summer, at our family reunion in CO, it brought me such bittersweet joy to watch our boys having the time of their life with their cousins. They made such special memories. One thing that our years away from home have taught us, is to treasure any and all time we do have with family.

This weekend my kiddos' newest little cousin, E, is visiting! She is 16 months old and busy, busy, busy! We are just loving every second with her!

It took her about 5 minutes of warming up before she was toddling all over the place. She has been especially enamored with Eliana, which is gives us great glimpses into the wonderful friendship they could have as they get older. They are both so petite:)

This morning:)

Just melts my heart to see them together! Two little E's:)

Little E does not like to have bows in her hair but I snuck in an adorable Pebbles hairdo this morning! It lasted a little while before she figured out how to rip the rubber band out:)

Eliana is enjoying having her around, as long as she doesn't touch Baby Anna and any of Baby's accessories! We are working on the sharing thing;)

Cutie pie!

Tomorrow my sister and the little girls and I have a fun day planned while all my boys are busy at work and school! They should be so jealous:)

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Aunt T said...

They are so cute together. I love the first picture where Evie has her hand on Eliana's arm. She adores her older cousin!