Friday, September 13, 2013


 This was my very favorite kind of day! Upper 60s, sunny, slight breeze, windows open for fresh air, wearing jeans and no worrying about cooking with the oven! It felt so nice to walk to and from school today, even if it was a bit chilly this morning.

Both boys aced their spelling tests at school today! We practice all throughout the week, mostly at breakfast time. Samuel's class has brackets for their spelling each week. If they get so many right on their pre-test at the beginning of the week, they are tested on either 8, 15 or 20 words (15 regular/5 challenge words.) And the kids are allowed to decide if they want to make a goal and go for all 15 or 20. Our hard-worker keeps choosing to go after all 20, of course! I am proud of him for setting goals and pushing himself.

Eliana, Baby C and I had a quiet morning and took a walk to enjoy the cool sunshine. I actually succeded in accidentally napping them both at the same time! I laid the baby down and read some books with Eliana in our bed and came up with the brilliant idea to bring in her elephants and blanket. I told her I would rest with her for a few minutes and before I knew it.....

This happened:) Isn't she sweet?! The blanket was Ben's when he was little; she has loved it since his mom gave it to us! Poor thing was snoring though, since she's so congested. Oh, and she peed on our bed......but before that it was cute anyways! And the bright side is we have freshly washed sheets tonight!

So sweet and innocent!
Happy Friday!

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