Monday, November 5, 2012

Some Moments.


Eliana had her 2 year check-up on Friday and she is once again deemed petite! She is 32 3/4 inches tall (10-15%) and 24 lbs. (25th%)  Short and chubby~ha! She gets a lot of comments when she's walking around about how little she is. I am pretty sure I shrunk her:)


New things this 2 year old is doing:
*Singing allllll the time! She loves to sing as she plays, about what she's playing or doing, copying me singing. I've noticed lately that if she's grumpy in the car and I start singing songs to her, she will stop and listen and say, "More, Mama? More?" Just figured out today that she knows a lot of the ABC's song!

*She can count almost fluently up to 15! She skips seven and thirteen or fourteen but it's cute to hear her count, even with the mistakes. Okay, esp with the mistakes:)

*She is really into having us come watch her or be with her. She will say, "C'mere, Daddy! C'mere, Mommy!" while beckoning with her little hand:) She also will come and grab my hand and say, "C'mon, Mama. Come pway." She, as always, definitely knows how to get what she wants!

*Loves to pick out her shoes for the day. Sometimes she is very insistent on a pair and will refuse all other pairs. She loves boots and her special black dress-up shoes the best. A fashionista?

*Little Miss has lots of emotions these days. Definitely more outbursts and meltdowns now that she's so old and independent. (note sarcasm!) She can cry the most heartbreaking cry over the silliest things. Like not being allowed to have crackers for breakfast. Or having a marker taken away. Definitely emotional moments:)

Fissy Moment:

Ben watched Eliana as she pressed herself nose to nose with me, a silly game we like to play. He remarked, "Eliana's really been your buddy lately."

Eliana pulled back, looked at me and said, "Mama Buddy! Mama Buddy!"


*Has turned into quite the bookworm! Makes his bookworm mother and father proud. Sniff. Last year, the Magic Treehouse books opened up a new world for him and got him into reading chapter books. He's since outgrown those and is into Boxcar Children (yea!), Diary of a Wimpy Kid and most recently, has really enjoyed reading "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" with Daddy every night! It's really fun to have him into all these books that we enjoy, too.

*Is quite the teaser. He surprises us with his quick come-backs and silly jokes sometimes. I remember when he was little and he would get so offended if Ben teased him and we had to teach him to lighten up a little. And now he's a jokester himself! Like Father, like son, apparently....

*His favorite subject in school is Art! He says he doesn't like math and science (takes after his Mama!)

*Is loving the Basketball class he and Z are taking. He's doing great, too! His favorite part is taking shots. 6 baskets today!

Samuel Moment:

Last week, the day before Halloween, I took the boys to get flu shots, hoping to minimize the amount of germs coming into our home. Can you blame me??

Samuel was not happy with me and complained of a sore arm the rest of the night. He exclaimed, "You're mean!" I just looked at him and he paused and then added, "Well, except you make really good dinners, cool Halloween costumes and you're the best mommy in the world."

Nice save, son. Nice save....



*Is reading! I am absolutely amazed at how much he has learned since entering kindergarten just over 2 months ago. He has learned to sound out words so well and takes a lot of pride in reading! He loves to spell, too. He spells everything.

Ex. Tonight at dinner. "M-O-M-M-Y? C-A-N  I  H-A-V-E- A Falafel?"

He spells and spells and spells some more. Always trying to figure out how to spell words. He loves to write words, too. He copies books down on paper.

His latest goal? To copy the Bible. It might take him awhile....:)

Zakkai Moment:

Samuel, at the dinner table yesterday: "This morning when I cut my finger, it bleeded so bad when I was squeezing it."

Me: "First of all, you shouldn't squeeze your cut! Of course it will bleed a lot. And you say bled, not bleeded."

Samuel: "Bled? That sounds weird." Ben proceeds to give a brief explanation on bleed, bled, blood.

And then Zakkai, who clearly was not paying attention (as usual) jumps in, "Samuel, your finger blooded everywhere!"


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Grandma W said...

Oh...these grandchildren make me laugh and smile. I love them so much - and am so proud of them! I have said it before -and will say it again - one day they will realize how fortunate they are to have had the parents they have.