Sunday, November 18, 2012

Littl (er)s.

 I will be glad to see this weekend end!! It has been a whirlwind of preparing with Ben for his big weekend, extra solo-kiddo care and cleaning.

So far, Ben's paper presentation went really well and I am still awaiting word on the interview from my long-lost scholarly husband....

It was a really nice day out today and, in between cleaning, we spent a lot of time outdoors. Well, most the boys but Eliana and I popped out a few times, too. Once she saw her brothers going out, she begged for her sweatshirt and cried and cried to go outside! You should have seen her heartbreak when I made her come in for lunch and nap!

She was very emotional today. I've heard girls can be that way.....:) We ended our day with breakfast for dinner (yea!) and after tucking E in, a good reading of "The Plant That Ate Dirty Socks." What a life we lead:)

I am waiting on a charger for my camera so I can't take any new pictures this week~boo!! For now, enjoy pics of my little (er) people from last Thanksgiving....

Look at Z's rounder cheeks! He has really thinned out this past year and isn't such a little munchkin anymore...sniff!

Samuel has really matured and is such a different child than he used to be! All into sports and friends and reading. Crazy!

What can I say? She was edible.

See ya tomorrow!

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