Monday, November 12, 2012

Another week..

 This shall be short and sweet tonight, as 2 of my dearest little people have shared their colds with me and I'm not feeling very well!

Samuel, who loves Art at school so much, surprised me with this picture this morning! I absolutely love it and all the colors he used! Definitely one turkey I would not want to eat....:)

A blurry picture is about all you can get of this little munchkin these days! She is one busy bee. A little mess here, a big mess there, a Fissy Missy everywhere! She's wearing a dress I made for her this past year and it's a little too short now so she wore it over jeans today. So cute!

We piled in the house after basketball practice this afternoon, in a flurry of school stories, homework and papers. Thankfully, a dinner in the crockpot was ready and now they're all tucked in bed and soon, this mama will be, too!

Another week begun...

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Aunt t said...

He is an artist, you can tell that is a talent of his!

We feel your pain, we have tried many Churches too! We have been to a Church that we like but it is 1 hour away. So we go to this Church by our house, but it isn't the right one for us. There are many Churches in the area, when we move we will find one closer. Good thoughts about the Churches! I can not express like you do but agree with you!