Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day

We had a much calmer day today than yesterday:) I went back and watched my blizzard videos just to make sure it really happened! (as if the 20+ inches outside isn't an obvious sign!)

The boys got haircuts today and a long bubble bath (and unfortunately, later I realized that Samuel is allergic to the bubble bath, hence an itchy rash all over his body:( ), we played with S's lite brite, playdough...the baby slept great!

And now we're back to school tomorrow....Ben worked for 1 hr 15min to get our car freed from the snow so I should be able to get out tomorrow! The piles of snow outside are HUMONGOUS!

Here are some pics from yesterday...

Our neighboring street

We walked down to the main street to see if it was clear. Not much traffic!

More street shots!

Zakkai came out and pretty much threw himself into the snow:) He had a blast!

As you can see, the boys were bundled up really well. But that didn't stop an elderly ukrainian lady from leaning out her window to yell at me (in ukrainian, mind you but I got the gist....) about having the boys out! Seriously, I'm pretty sure 30 minutes of fresh air and exercise isn't going to hurt them!

Zakkai found himself a little hold to sit in. Too funny!

My new favorite picture of Zakkai! Pure joy:)

Checking out the area between buildings

A neighbor man making a sidewalk for everyone. He stopped and said, "Remember the storm of '67?" Have I really aged that much this past year? And it wasn't like he kept going with his story; he honestly wanted a reply! I had to break the news that alas, I wasn't born yet...

Samuel, are you in there somewhere?

I made it!! Conquering the snow mountain:)

A car..I feel bad for those people that have to dig that out!
It'll be nice to break out of our prison and get out into the world and see what it's like tomorrow! Cold and white:)

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