Friday, January 30, 2015

Books galore and projects!

Eliana and I have actually had a fairly quiet day today, which is rare for us! She is always coming along with me to clean houses or running errands, going to preschool, etc. We weren't intending to stay home today but plans changed because Ben was sick this morning (he is better now) and Eliana agreed that it was nice to just "be" today!

We played some Legos. She is getting quite a nice little collection of Disney princess Legos and Lego Friends. We have them set up on top of her low bookshelf. She has Frozen legos (of course!), Rapunzel's tower, a lemonade stand and a farmer's market. Pretty cute!

We also weeded through all of our kid's books this morning. I did that before we moved but the boys especially are moving into harder series and leaving behind easy chapter books like "Magic Tree House," which were the series to jumpstart Samuel into loving to read! The boys got a huge collection of Roald Dahl books for Christmas that they just love. Samuel found a series that he is really into these days so he often looks a lot like this:

He definitely comes by it honestly!! Give me a good series and I will be happy to ignore cooking, cleaning, talking to people, etc. And we got that from my mom!

Zakkai is an eclectic reader. He flits from one thing to the next and can often be found reading 4 books at the same time, sometimes finishing none of them. We are working on that!

Samuel giving Eliana a ride on the recycling bin train the other day:)

You can often find Zakkai and Eliana looking like this these days! When he isn't annoyed with her and being a complete police man (grr!), he is the sweetest thing ever with her and will play for hours! She loves to ask him to play because 9/10 times he will say "yes!"


I am undertaking a huge organizational project. I finally (to Ben's relief!) am cutting down on my cooking magazines. I started getting "Quick Cooking" (which later became "Simple and Delicious")in 2003 right before we got married. My all time favorite cooking magazines ever! Then I switched to Taste of Home (by the same company) because I got a good deal. You get 6 magazines per year so you can imagine....I have probably close to 100 magazines. I attempted to file and organize them years ago and got through 2010 before giving up:) Now, I am ready to admit that I don't even use all of them because there are so many!

So, I am going through them, cutting out my favorite recipes or ones I really think I will try, and tossing the magazine. It was hard to make that first cut! I don't like cutting up my magazines! But it has gotten easier with time and now I have gone through about 60 of them. I am going to glue/tape them to paper, put them in plastic sheet protectors and file them in a binder, with tabs. I think I will use them a lot more often then! It's been so interested going through them and finding forgotten oldies but goodies and realizing that these magazines really taught me how to cook! I knew a few things when we got married but these magazines really got me off to a good start (with a few memorable boo-boo's in between!) with creating new, tasty meals for our growing family. Ah, to wax nostalgic...

I squeeze in some cutting time while dinner is cooking each night or during E's rest time in the afternoons. Sometimes Eliana sits beside me and cuts through the mags I have already weeded through and saves her own recipes:) She loves to tell me about the delicious recipes she is cutting out! I am really looking forward to having this done, although I think it will take several more days.

Call me a nerd but I do love a good organizing project!

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grandma said...

Hi your telling about your boy's liking Roald Dahl brings back memories of Uncle Mike..He loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Dahl and so he wrote to him..I feel he must have been about S age..Well he wrote him a nice letter back..I aways thought well of him to take time out to write a note to my boy..