Thursday, February 5, 2015

Project Fun!

 Life seems so much busier here than it was a year ago. It just seems like we are involved in more things and seeing people more often. Which is probably a good thing for us:) I am keeping very busy with my cleaning houses, running to/from preschool and all the errands and things that upkeep our own home. I have been trying to get smaller things accomplished during Eliana's rest time in the afternoons (when we are home) instead of sitting down and reading, which I would really like to do instead:) It's my only quiet time of the day where I don't have to talk to anybody and I treasure it!

Today I made myself finish a couple of projects that have been waiting in the wings. I made some knit leggings for Eliana a couple weeks ago in light pink, which she loves and I finally finished the navy blue pair today! They are SO easy and I love how soft they are!

This is the hem in a fun zig-zag pattern. Eliana has a slight bit of sensory sensitivities just like Samuel and can be picky about the material of her clothes so it feels good to be able to make something she actually likes wearing! My goal is to keep an eye out for good sales on knits and make these in lots of colors for next year. She wears leggings all the time. Under dresses, with shirts, sometimes under other pants. Leggings are great!

I got an inexpensive chalkboard that had a dark frame, which is just not quite my cup of tea so I decided to paint it!

I painted it the same aqua blue color as the furniture I re-did in my kitchen and added some coral accents.

Ben hung it up for me tonight and I love it! I am going to write verses, sayings or my menu plan for the week on it. I am not great with decorations in the house, hanging things or interior design so I decided I needed something to brighten up my favorite room of the house!

More on the kiddos later!

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