Monday, January 19, 2015

School break and Zoo trip!

 I have had all sorts of blog posts rolling around in my head this past week but unfortunately, they have been competing with a sinus infection and the sinus infection won. Grr. All thanks to that flu we had a few weeks ago! Thankfully, antibiotics are fighting the good fight and my brain is starting to unfog. Always a good thing:)

The kids had the day off today and I just thought I was going to be driven to drink. They were driving me mad! We've just had too many days cooped up together lately and the boys, especially were like two puppies fighting. Ugh! So I finally forced everyone to get out of their pjs and into the car and we went to the zoo! It was 40 and sunny today and the zoo wasn't too crowded.

A fun picture I took this morning of Eliana's and my cups. Love the colorful shadow!!

We went straight to the polar bears by unanimous vote and found this cutie all stretched out resting. Samuel said he wanted one for a pet....

They do look awfully cuddly from far away!!

Then my little bears lined up from littlest....

To medium sized...

To biggest!

Three little bears:)

I tried to get them to take a picture and they were like, "Mommy, we can't see! The sun is so bright!" oops. haha.

This was Zakkai's favorite animal of the day. They reindeer! They did look pretty fuzzy and cute.

A lot of the exhibits are closed for the winter (boo) but we still found plenty to entertain us. We went to the aquarium part and found this funny guy.

We found some manatees, too. They are funny, gentle looking creatures. The "little" one on the left is only two months old!

The only animal we could see in the Australia exhibit were the koalas. Now that is an animal I'd like to take home!

So cute and snuggly!

And on our way out, we saw some penguins. This funny guy really liked Eliana's light up shoes and kept coming back to look at them:) So funny!

We also saw 3 dogs at the zoo. It surprised me because it's not something you are used to seeing but apparently they live at the zoo and do some shows and tricks. They were very sweet!

It was nice to get out and get a little vitamin D and exercise and a little break from the cooped-up-fighting. I have to admit...I'm a little thankful school starts again tomorrow:)

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