Friday, January 9, 2015

Snow days!

 I heard rumors that December's weather would be mild (it was!) and that winter would hit hard in January. (It has!) It is SO cold outside! I just got back from walking the boys to the bus stop and my hands are still a little numb.

It's been hard to get back into routine this week because of the days off of school. They went Monday, were off Tuesday, went Wednesday, were off yesterday and back today! I admit that it was a little hard to have the snow days because we were cooped up so much together last week that we needed a little break from each other!

Thankfully, we had some fun together while they were off. I had to find something to do or I was going to go crrraaazzzy!

We did a couple of puzzles over break (in between illnesses!) This is one of our favorite Christmas puzzles. Everything in the puzzle is made out of something else. For instance, the table legs are nutty bars, the toy box is triscuits, etc. Very cute!

My mom gave B and I this one for Christmas. Can't go wrong with a Charles Wysocki!

For Tuesday's snow day, even though it was very cold, we bundled up and went outside to get some energy out! I made the boys go first because they were driving me nuts! They did some shoveling for awhile and then I packed up E like a little snowbaby and we went out.

I love how brightly colored they are in the snow with their coats on:) Like little cardinals or bluebirds!

Haha, they didn't even pose for this! They were playing follow the leader and turned around and I snapped this really quick. So funny:)

Snow day! After getting some energy out, we went in and thawed out with some hot chocolate and played The Game of Life. (One of our favorites!) It was a nice day overall.

Yesterday, we went to Costco with my mom and Evy, which is actually a fun place. What does that say about us?! The kids love to go for the samples:) Then I surprised them and took them to a movie! There is a movie theatre that sells tickets for $1.25 a piece for matinees so for $5 we had a treat! We saw "The Book of Life." It was interesting. Very different from other cartoon movies we've seen. It was very very colorful and pretty cute. Eliana sat on my lap the whole time and I must've gotten a little cozy because I totally dozed off at the beginning:) That's what happens when a busy mama sits down!!

When we got home, we found a special package in the mail for the kiddos from St. Nicholas! Apparently, he dropped it off his sleigh when he was on his way to Ohio and mailed it to the kids:) Boy, did he make their day! Not only is it fun to get a package period, what was inside entertained them the rest of the afternoon! The boys got some cool flying disks (kind of like Frisbees) and came up with a fun indoor game and Eliana got a cool set where you build something to go along with a book you read. She is still playing with it this morning! I will have to take some pictures, just in case St Nicholas reads this blog so he will know how thankful we are! :)

Today, the boys are back in school and Eliana and I are headed out to clean my grandparent's house. Hoping you have a happy Friday!

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grandma said...

Loved reading what all you did while confined to the house with your dreaded flu bug..I have barely stepped out of the do not want that bug..Loved the puzzles..How fun and also the kiddos playing outside..such ruddy happy faces..Bye the way my kitchen looks so beautiful ..We kind of mess up everytime we cook..We need you living with us..Oh we tried that didn't we..I loved it but i'm so sure its nice being in your own place...Anyway It's fun seeing you even if its cleaning day..Love you