Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Weekend Celebrations!

Do you mind seeing yet another picture of a tree?? I think this is the last one. Maybe;) The peek season for trees is over, I believe, as lots of leaves fell with the rain and cold wind that blew in. This past weekend we were in amazement every time we went out! Can't remember a fall with such amazing, vibrant colors!

We all have varying degrees of colds over here. Ben probably feels the worst out of all of us, with a nasty cough that keeps him awake. I tried to drug him last night (with consent, of course!) but that only worked half the night. Hopefully he will get better rest tonight!

Since it is so chilly out, I have been enjoying making one of my favorite foods....soup! Soup is so amazing. Versatile, filling, hot and delicious! Last night I whipped up a homemade vegetable soup which turned out really good! Well...most of us thought so. Eliana isn't so keen on vegetables all mixed together. Makes it too hard to pick out the ones she doesn't like, I guess!

Here is the link for that soup: Vegetable Soup. It was pretty easy and great for leftovers today! I served it with Homemade Saltines. They are pretty easy and good if you don't over bake them:)

On Sunday, there was a special presentation at church for third graders, as I mentioned. The church sees it as a pivotal time in the kids' faith journeys and presented them with their own Bibles. The week before, they had a parent meeting where parents got to write in the covers of the Bibles and/or highlight any favorite verses.

Samuel was so nervous when he realized this presentation was happening in front of the church! He almost didn't go! But thankfully he calmed down enough and now he loves his Bible so much, that he has been reading it every night and morning!

The children's director, Sandy, who does an amazing job, had some words of encouragement for the parents and the church, then for the third graders. She sang them a little song that she wrote for them and then they called each child up and presented them with their Bibles. I got a quick little video of Samuel below. After they filed out, they went into the sanctuary (where another more traditional service is held at the same time) and they got prayed over. It was really neat!

After that, we quickly left church and headed over to our friends' church, where Baby C was being baptized. We were only able to make it to the last hour of church since ours started about the same time. It was a very beautiful service and afterwards, we went over to their house, where several family members and friends were gathered to celebrate. We loved meeting their families and seeing the love they have for each other. It was easy to see where our friends get their gentleness and sweetness from!

Our kiddos just loved experiencing that and Eliana has asked every day since if we can go back to Baby C's church "tomorrow!" :)

Explaining time to a three year old is like banging your head against the wall. Over and over:)

Have a great night!


Grandma W said...

I remember getting (and still have) a Bible from when I was about S's age. It is a wonderful thing that he is reading it every day. I hope and pray that is a life long practice. Love to all.

Aunt Terri said...

Gorgeous trees! I like to see your pictures.....We found a few colorful maples on the way to lunch this afternoon in Roanoke and they were very yellow. I need to have a maple in my yard, but we have 2 live oaks in the front yard.
Uncle Kimn and I love soup too, but it's not enough food for someone in our house. Or I have to add a sandwich will the soup.
Love you!