Monday, November 25, 2013

Face-painting and Pictures!

 We had a busy weekend! On Saturday, we ran a couple errands and then we went to a first birthday party for one of our neighbors. It was at a nearby park district and it was a very cute safari theme! They even hired some face painters and our kiddos were brave enough to get some face painting done; the first time for S and E!

And look who was brave enough to go first?! Eliana decided she wanted a little kitty on her cheek, so she got a white one with a sparkly pink bow! She loved it and happily posed for pictures:)

Samuel went next and continued with his magic theme by getting a rabbit pulled out of a magic hat! The ladies were very talented and did a great job! Samuel loved it so much that he didn't want to wash it off:)

Zakkai took the longest to convince but once he was ready, he went all the way with a full Spiderman mask! It was very cool and he loved it. It scared more than a few of us over the evening when he would come around the corner or out of the bathroom! It lasted til morning, when I started finding face paint smeared everywhere and then I forced him to wash it off:)

Yesterday our friends invited us to go to a nearby conservatory! We had never been before, even though it's fairly close by and free to boot! A gem in the city:) Eliana had a blast exploring! There was a children's garden with a place to dig in dirt and "plant" flowers. She would've stayed all day if we'd let her!

My favorite things to see were the banana trees, pineapples and lime tree! Not something you see everyday in the Midwest....

Samuel got to do a little creating at a kid's station with some sticks and clay. Like Eliana, he would've stayed there all day!

One of the main reasons we went was so that I could try out my new camera and practice. Practice makes perfect, they say! Imagine how silly I felt, then, when I got my camera out, turned on and tried to take pictures...only to find my battery was dead! Our friends, thankfully, have almost the same camera and let me use their battery for a little bit! (All the previous pictures were cell phone pics)

 Eliana refused to pose with her brothers and ran away!

Love these boys!

We finally snatched her up and I was able to get one shot of the three of them before she ran off again:)

Now come all the "boring" nature shots! Although, I think I got some very pretty ones!

Here is one of my favorites! I love the detail and it's nice to see some color now that all the trees are bare and it's looking very "wintery" outside...

This flower almost looks like an ostrich!

Daddy and his girl:)

 Ben wanted me to practice on the water fall so our friend, also a Ben, helped me figure out some fancy things and made the water look different. Very cool!

See the difference?

Pretty greenery!

Baby C was busy checking out things, too, and wishing he could've gotten his hands on a few things!

Such a happy little guy!

The crew:)

I love how Eliana turned around to grin at me! It's nice to catch her in a "real" smile these days:)

This is how Baby C likes to greet the boys each morning! The face grabbing is accompanied by a lot of drooling and pterodactyl-like screeching:) They love it!

Some more beautiful flowers!

One of my favorite things to do is to focus on one object and blur the background a bit. Taking pictures is fun!

Next time I will remember to charge my battery.....:)

*If you ever want to see the pictures magnified, just click on one and you can do a slide show of the whole blog post!

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Grandma W said...

Love the pics of the face painting and flowers. Of course Z would have his entire face painted. I remember his paintings in school - always bright colors and covering the whole paper. Seems like S is really into the magic thing. E's little kitty was so cute on her. Her purple glasses look so nice. Love you all. Hopefully the storm will be further east and not impact your travel.