Friday, March 13, 2015


 A brief Trio Update!

We have been trying to find ways to challenge Samuel academically at home so we signed up for Kahn Academy, a free educational website that is pretty cool! Samuel said, "Ugh! This will be SOOO boring!" (in true pre-adolescent form!) but before he knew it, he was happily ensconced in learning about computer programming!

Eliana has a nasty little cold this week but I promised her since it was so nice out yesterday, she could play outside for a bit yesterday. She felt so bad Wednesday that she took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and went to bed by 6:30pm! She was just miserable and had those pathetic "sick eyes" that break your heart. She was a bit better yesterday but only lasted outside for about 20 minutes before she got tired. It did make us look forward to spring though!!

Zakkai sat next to me on the front porch for a bit, finishing some homework. He was in the middle of telling me something when I snapped this picture. Boy, can this kiddo talk!! He is really funny though. The other day, we were walking into church and I was pressing the alarm to lock the car and couldn't hear it lock the first time so we all jumped when the car horn honked!

A minute later Zakkai (who's brain had been busily working) said, "Mommy, what if the astronauts in space heard the car alarm go off and then it scared them and their rocket ship took off?!"

He makes me smile:) Actually, they all do!

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