Sunday, March 8, 2015

Kid updates!

What is it about weekends that they fly by so quickly? We didn't do anything particularly special this weekend. We've been in the process of fixing our van this week and we had the last appointment yesterday. We were able to eek out enough for new tires in December, after being told countless times that we needed a new set before the worst of winter. Fun. Then we got hit with a huge laundry list of car repairs but we had to hang on until we, hopefully, could get enough of a tax return to fix it!

Thank the Lord, we did get enough and were able to make our much-needed repairs this week. Our van is now sporting new rear brakes, a new passenger side tie rod, new wheel bearings on our sliding door (that has been out of commission for 3 months since being stuck open in December), aligned tires (which had to be done after getting the tie rod fixed) and minor things like oil change, filters, etc. Whew! It is one happy van and we are very thankful that we were able to make it so long without anything dangerous happening!


 Eliana got her newest new lenses a few days ago and they were able to raise her bifocal up 3 mm, which seems to be just enough to help her! They can't be raised up any hire or she won't have any room to see over the top. We have noticed an improvement and hope that her eye dr says the same when she goes for her recheck in a few weeks. When I took her to get them, she was really confused and said (with a little bit of an attitude,) "But I already got new lenses!!"

Wearing her new(est) lenses:)

"Listening" to some music....on some unplugged earphones:)

Just having an early Sunday morning tea party with her babies!!

Zakkai has a cold (again). He gets a million colds a year but thankfully, most don't seem to make him feel very bad at all. Just a nuisance. We always wonder if he has allergies or something. Who knows. He is enjoying using his new dictionary that we got him for his birthday to look up new words. We are still teaching him how to use it correctly but are really glad he enjoys it so much! In the past week, he's learned the meaning of new words like, "jutted," "kerchief," "emblem," "intelligence," "battlement" and more!

Samuel is just really into his new series lately about Greek mythology and we can hardly tear him away to do anything else! We are definitely entering a new realm of parenting with him, figuring out how to relate to this kid-turning-pre-teen. It takes different communication and understanding and more mature discipline, too. Sometimes it's scary for me!

In other news, we would appreciate some prayers for wisdom and guidance about the boys' school. While they have adjusted well to the transition and have friends, the school is disappointing us quite a bit academically and the boys just aren't being challenged or having their needs met. We need to have some meetings and make some decisions soon and would definitely be thankful for any and all prayers!

And to leave you on a funny note, the other day as I was tucking Eliana in for a nap she said, "Mommy, when I turn a hundred, I want a pink hang glider, a pink skateboard, protective glasses and a watch to tell the time."

Haha, I just love that she is planning a full and adventurous life!!

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